Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

    Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

    Taurus is expanding their G series of pistols with the introduction of the G3XL. Feeding from 12, 15 or 17 round magazines, it combines compact features with the G3’s full-length slide. Designed for everyday carry, it has an all-steel slide with a Tenifer black matte finish, a 4-inch barrel and an overall weight of 24.4 oz. MSRP for the G3XL is $342.98

    Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

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    Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

    Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

    Here’s what Taurus have to say about the G3XL:

    February 2022 (Bainbridge, GA) – Taurus ® , manufacturer of premium handguns for
    defense, hunting, and sport shooting, is pleased to announce the latest model in the
    growing G-series line of personal defense handguns—a sleek EDC 9mm designed to
    deliver the accuracy and confidence of a full-size pistol in a package that is ideally suited
    for comfortable concealed carry.

    The new Taurus G3XL carries over the G3’s full-size slide and barrel assembly. This all-
    steel slide features a durable Tenifer black matte finish to resist the wear and corrosion
    of everyday carry and houses a precision-machined stainless-steel barrel. The four-inch
    barrel, working with the slide’s long sight radius, provides the accuracy serious shooters
    demand in a defensive handgun and maximizes bullet velocity for increased terminal

    Moving to the frame, the G3XL distinguishes itself with a compact grip that easily
    conceals when holstered inside the waistband or while carrying OWB under casual
    clothing. To ensure smooth draw and re-holstering, Taurus engineers streamlined the
    G3XL polymer receiver by reducing the length of the accessory rail and eliminating the
    manual safety lever.

    The G3XL comes with 2 x 12-round magazine to further the pistol’s discrete carry size
    and profile. If higher cartridge capacity is desired, the G3XL will accept available 15- and
    17-round magazines.

    In keeping with the Taurus G-series reputation for class-leading performance-to-cost
    ratio, the new G3XL features an MSRP of only $342.98—the ultimate balance of power,
    performance, and price.

    Taurus Introduces the G3XL Pistol

    Taurus G3XL Specifications:

    Caliber: 9mm Luger
    Capacity: 12 Rounds
    Magazines: 2
    Firing System: Striker
    Action Type: Single Action with Restrike
    Front Sight: Fixed Steel
    Rear Sight: Drift Adjustable
    Safety: striker block, trigger safety, loaded chamber indicator
    Frame Size: Compact
    Grip Material: Polymer
    Slide Material: Steel Alloy
    Slide Finish: Tenifer Matte Black
    Overall Length: 7.28 in.
    Overall Width: 1.20 in.
    Overall Height: 5.10 in.

    Taurus G3XL (Taurus)

    For more information on the new Taurus G3XL, visit TaurusUSA.com.

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