Wheelgun Wednesday: Uncle Fudd’s New Space Force 6 Build

    Space Force 6 revolver

    Welcome to TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday, where all of wheelgundom is on the table for discussion. Today, we’ll take a look at Uncle Fudd’s latest Space Force 6 build, involving another science-fictiony build for when the Space Force starts packing heat in orbit. A few months ago, we covered another of Uncle Fudd’s revolver builds that received a lot of positive feedback, and a few fiery naysayers as well. This next-generation build still involves a railed shroud but has a few enlightened aspects to it.

    Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB

    Similar to Uncle Fudd’s previous build, he planned to build the futuristic trappings around (and through) a Ruger GP100, six-shot .357 Magnum revolver. For the main housing and accessory attachments, Uncle settled on a Midwest Industries SIG MCX 12.5-inch railed handguard with M-LOK slots. He seems pretty handy with his Dremel, which is a tool that is typically, when associated with firearms, a sign that a gun is going to be hurt in the process, but Uncle Fudd’s designs revolve around modifying the accessories themselves while keeping the guns safe so they can be reconfigured back to stock if desired.

    Space Force 6 revolver

    The main goal of the Space Force 6 revolver seems to orbit around illumination. You may have already noticed the fiber optics, which is multifaceted. Uncle Fudd’s main light source would come in the form of a standard weapon-mounted light for identifying targets, but the fiber optic tubes would also draw from this light source to illuminate the front sight bead, as well as provide a few “ground effects” inside the rail, and inside the grip. The following explanation is from Part 1 of Uncle Fudd’s Space Force 6 revolver build.

    Usually, I’m not into cosmetic only modifications to guns. Even if something is 90% for looks, I like to make sure that there is at least some purpose. That’s exactly the case for the front sight on this gun of the future.

    Since this revolver is going to have a red dot, I wanted to have co-witness back up iron sights. This is common in the AR and semi auto pistol worlds. It’s unheard of in the revolver world. I suspect that’s because I’m the only guy building revolvers for the future…. in space.

    Space Force 6 revolver

    Uncle Fudd used a bead of white jasper for an illuminated front sight to co-witness with his red dot sight.

    Space Force 6 revolver from Uncle Fudd

    Space Force 6 revolver from Uncle Fudd

    Thanks to Uncle Fudd for sharing his projects with us at TFB! You can view more of his Space Force 6 revolver process on his blog, UncleFudd.com in Parts 1 through 5, plus a couple entries on some of the components too. Each post is a quick read and he includes quality photos of each part of his builds. I recommend that you at least take a look at Part 3, which involves a judicious amount of milling of the front sight and seeing how exact he had to get it.

    What do you think of the Space Force 6 Revolver from Uncle Fudd? Would you expect to see this in holsters on the Moon, or at least on an upcoming sci-fi thriller? Is there something you would’ve done differently?

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