POTD: Armenian Snipers Preparing for Sniper Frontier 2022

    POTD: Armenian Snipers Preparing for Sniper Frontier 2022

    For today’s Photo Of The Day, we have Armenian snipers preparing for the Sniper Frontier 2022 competition. These pictures are from the military base of the Southern Military District (SMD), and there are more Dragunov sniper rifles than sunshine.

    POTD: Armenian Snipers Preparing for Sniper Frontier 2022

    Experienced instructors train snipers as part of sniper pairs and groups at the Kamkhud training ground to select targets and the rules of individual aiming from Dragunov sniper rifles (SVD) and Vintorez (VSS) using corrections for high and low atmospheric pressure, crosswind and temperature.

    Special attention is paid to camouflage using improvised and natural means, the use of modern rangefinders, weather stations, radio stations, intelligence, control and communication complexes.

    Also, sniper pairs have worked out blind shooting, which involves firing at a target that is in motion and periodically hides behind obstacles. In this case, it is important for a sniper to quickly calculate a lot of corrections in order to make an accurate shot at the intended place of the enemy’s appearance.

    In lack of bipod, use your hand.

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    Photo Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Press Service of the Southern Military District.