Building Communities – TFB and The Firearms Forum Join Forces

    Building Communities - TFB and The Firearms Forum Join Forces

    Building Communities - TFB and The Firearms Forum Join Forces

    The Firearm Blog has been a resource for the worldwide firearm community for more than 15 years. With a diverse collection of staff from every continent, the power of TFB comes from the ability of each author to focus on topics that they know and love as well as the opportunity to freely voice their opinions in reviews and editorials. The TFB and TFBTV teams consist of industry experts who focus on bringing you the most comprehensive firearms content in the world. Equally as important is the input from our readers and viewers – without you, there would be no TFB or TFBTV. To enhance our community engagement, we are joining forces with The Firearms Forum, a well-established community of gun owners that have more than 50,000 active users who have created nearly two million discussions in the last 19 years.

    Our hope is that each of you will expand on the daily discussions at The Firearms Forum. Eventually, each TFB post will have its own thread which will allow for more meaningful, feature-rich debates than our current Disqus comment system. I personally try to read every comment in every post (James handles our YouTube channels TFBTV and TFBTV Showtime) and I along with the rest of the staff will make regular appearances at TFF to respond to your questions and requests.

    No one likes change, especially gun owners (I’m looking at you 1911 fans). But I believe that the joining of TFB and TFF will enhance our current community as well as help to build new relationships. Don’t worry, nothing at TFB is changing; if you want to keep commenting on each post on the blog, Disqus will remain active for the foreseeable future.

    Check out The Firearms Forum and let us know your thoughts.

    Thank you for reading and watching. was started by a group of enthusiasts that shared a common passion for Firearms. Over the years, the site has grown, and today has over 54,800 members. More importantly though, the users of the site have created over 1,900,000 posts of content all related to Firearms.


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