New ATN ThOR LT 35mm and Mossy Oak ThOR 4 Models Available

    ATN ThOR LT 35mm Models & Mossy Oak ThOR 4 Models Available

    If you’re looking to get into the thermal hunting or shooting scene, now may be a good time as ATN has just introduced new versions of their popular Thor thermal riflescopes. The Thor line boasts thermal detection ranges out to nearly 1,000 yards with their 60 Hz thermal sensor. Best of all, the Lightweight ThOR LT weighs in at just 1.4 pounds and is meant to be mounted directly to virtually any Crossbow, Air Rifle, or other popular platforms where weight savings are critical. Meanwhile, the ThOR 4 boasts new camouflage patterns to match your favorite hunting camo pattern and ATN’s Gen 4 thermal sensor technology.

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    New ATN ThOR LT 35mm and Mossy Oak ThOR 4 Models Available

    New ATN ThOR LT 35mm models are now available with either 160×120 or 320×240 resolution sensors. ATN is currently offering up to $500 off of these models for select versions and each comes with compatibility capabilities with the Obsidian LT phot app. Customers can expect to get out the door with either of these two optics for less than $2,000 each making them much more accessible to those who want to try out thermals but haven’t quite crossed that threshold yet.

    ATN ThOR LT 35mm Models & Mossy Oak ThOR 4 Models Available

    Meanwhile, the popular ATN ThOR 4 is now featuring a new package deal that features Mossy Oak patterns as part of the bundle. Each new ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Riflescope will come with a Quick Detach Mount, X-Trac remote control, and 3 thermal sight-in targets. The ATN ThOR 4 starts pricing at $1,999 for the lower-end models (1.25-5X model pictured) and tops out at around $4,799 for some of the more advanced and capable models.

    TFB has done quite a bit of research and testing with ATN’s line of thermal riflescopes and you can check out those reviews through the links down below. Is it a good thing that thermal riflescopes are becoming more common? If you use one what do you find the most useful form and what have your successes and struggles been with this technology? Comments are always welcome down below!

    ATN ThOR LT 35mm Models & Mossy Oak ThOR 4 Models Available

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