LTT Advanced Shooter Care for Irritable Control Syndrome

    Introducing LTT Advanced Shooter Care for Irritable Control Syndrome

    If you’re suffering at the range and having performance issues then the guys over at Langdon Tactical have some good news for you. Langdon Tactical is proud to introduce LTT Advanced Shooter Care to help combat Irritable Controle Syndrome in shooters. This humorous email was sent out on Valentine’s Day 202 to those who subscribe to the Langdon Tactical newsletter and I thought it was worth sharing with all of you here.

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    Introducing LTT Advanced Shooter Care for Irritable Control Syndrome

    Is Irritable Control
    ​​​​​​​Syndrome Affecting your Grip?

    Are you having a hard time holding it? You may be suffering from Irritable Control Syndrome, and there is a solution. Introducing LTT Advanced Shooter Care. Take back your control and regain your confidence with laser stippling and trigger guard undercuts.

    WARNING: Side effects may include nausea and heartburn, especially in your competitors, as well as a common syndrome known as Range Envy.​​​​​​​ While using Advanced Shooter Care, you may experience extreme confidence and the thrill of precision. Frequent urination is common, especially for anyone who may find themselves in your sights. If extreme precision lasts for more than four hours, don’t call a doctor— that’s totally normal. Enjoy it.​​​​​​​

    What this clever little email contained was simply an advertisement indicating that Langdon Tactical Technologies’ “Trigger Job in a Bag” kits are back in stock for the Beretta 92, 96, and M9 series pistols. Also back in stock are Langdon Tactical’s LTT NP3 Upgrade Kits which features all NP3 Teflon enriched parts coating which should smooth out the action, trigger pull, and magazine release.

    Some of Langdon Tactical’s other LTT Advanced Shooter Care services include Custom Gun Work that can be ordered online through the LTT website. Here you can request everything from a trigger job, NP3 upgrade kit, and aftermarket carry bevels for Beretta handguns as well as Glock, Hellcat, PX4, and 1301 series firearms. For more information or to order custom work you can visit the Langdon Tactical technologies website here.

    Introducing LTT Advanced Shooter Care for Irritable Control Syndrome

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