Dead Air Silencers Introduces NEW Xeno Xero Threaded Taper Mount

    Xeno Xero

    There are several ways to mount a suppressor, and who better to offer a new one than experts in the silencer game. Dead Air Silencers has grown in popularity alongside the growing popularity of suppressed shooting. Offering a multitude of cans, they now offer a new lightweight mounting option. This is the new Xeno Xero Threaded Taper Mount from Dead Air Silencers.

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    Xeno Xero

    The Xeno Xero threaded taper mount is a muzzle device that gives you a light-weight mounting option offering non-negotiable repeatability and a solid return to zero for all users. All this while still delivering the durability you’ve come to expect from a Dead Air mount. The shorter size decreases its entrance into the blast chamber, maximizing sound performance and minimizing overall weight. The Xeno Xero is compatible with all Dead Air Xeno Adapters.

    Dead Air Silencers Introduces NEW Xeno Xero Threaded Taper Mount

    Xeno Xero

    The Xeno Xero threaded taper mount is available in either 1/2 x 28 or 5/8 x 24. The 1/2 x 28 option can be used with anything up to a 9mm bore size, while the 5/8 x 24 can go up to .46. The Xeno Xero is also compatible with all of Dead Air’s Xeno Adapters. It comes in at just over an inch in length and weighs under two ounces at 1.8 oz.

    Xeno Xero


    • Threading: 1/2 x 28 or 5/8 x 24
    • Length: 1.1″
    • Weight: 1.8 oz
    • Outside diameter: .99″
    • Through bore: .385″ (1/2 x 28) or .495″ (5/8 x 24)
    • MSRP: $89.00

    If the Xeno Xero looks like the right mounting solution for you, you can get it directly from Dead Air when you visit their website. You can find more video and photo content by following them on social media. Dead Air can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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