POTD: Silent Steel Suppressors – Finland

    Silent Steel Suppressors

    Photo Of The Day and we’re going to have a look at various pictures from a new company called Silent Steel Suppressors. They’re from Finland and they manufacture suppressors. In Finland and Norway sound suppressors for firearms are license-free, and by the looks of it, Sweden might get similar legislation by this summer.

    According to the company, their goal is “to solve common issues related to the use of silencers in gas operated firearms.”

    Silent Steel Suppressors

    Silent Steel is a finnish producer of weapon parts and accessories. The products are designed to suit the requirements of different customer segments: sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement officers and military.
    The founder and personnel of the company have broad experience in firearms design and production, also confirmed by the field experience at shooting range. The continuous end-users’ feedback allows us to understand better the needs of operators and the directions of product improvement and development. Certain features of our products have been suggested and engineered with the assistance of SWAT teams personnel.

    For more information on the subject please check the “Sweden to make Sound Suppressors license free” and “The B&T APC9 Suomi” articles.

    Here is a video with some of their products.

    You can find Silent Steel in the link. All photos from the company.