Prototype Guns Seen at SHOT Show 2022

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    SHOT Show is the largest event in this industry where an innumerable amount of new products are released annually. By attending the SHOT, not only do you get to see all the new products that are ready to hit the shelves but also some of the prototypes that the companies bring to the show whether as teasers or for gauging the audience reaction. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the three coolest prototype guns that this author came across during SHOT Show 2022.

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    JL Billet 5.56/223 Tommy Gun

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    Yes, this firearm, which was displayed at the JL Billet booth, looks like a Thompson submachine gun at first glance, but it is a gas-operated locked-breech rifle with a rotating bolt lockup chambered in 5.56×45/.223 Remington. It takes an AR-15 trigger mechanism, magazines and bolt carrier group (probably a modified one). The gas system is contained inside the receiver so that externally the gun looks similar to the Tommy gun.

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    Senex Arms Bullpup Rifle

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    Senex Arms brought to the SHOT Show 2022 a prototype of a new bullpup rifle. This rifle is designed with AR-15 compatibility in mind. It uses a modified AR-15 BCG and as many AR parts as can be possibly used. The location of the safety selector and magazine release button is similar to that of the AR-15, too. The non-reciprocating reversible charging handle can be locked back and slapped forward HK-style. The rifle also has a quick barrel change feature.

    Tippmann Armory Belt-Fed .22LR Gatling Gun

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    Tippmann Armory is known for making Gatling guns chambered in 9mm and fed from Glock magazines. At their booth in SHOT Show 2022, the company displayed a number of different versions of their 9mm guns and a prototype belt-fed miniature .22LR Gatling gun. The belt looked to be 3D printed and apparently had a continuous design. It must be really fun to shoot a gun like this but it would be even more fun if Liberty Suppressors made a silencer for this .22 gat like they did for Tippmann’s 9mm Gatlings.

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    SHOT Show is huge and it’s impossible to see everything there. If you attended the SHOT Show 2022 and saw other interesting prototype guns, please let us know in the comments section. We’ll be following the development of all firearms of this article and reporting the news to our readers. Stay tuned!

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