Now Available: The NEW GRND-Pod Bipod From MDT

Nic L
by Nic L

The easiest way to get a stable shot is to rest your firearm. The simplest and most convenient way of doing this is by attaching a bipod. Both convenient and effective, bipods serve shooters from the wooded landscapes of a hunt to the smooth dirt lanes of a PRS competition. Unfortunately, every accessory has a trade-off. Bipods have been historically heavy and expensive. Looking to give shooters a durable, high-quality option at an obtainable price, MDT has just released their newest lightweight bipod. This is the new MDT GRND-Pod.

MDT news @ TFB:

The MDT GRND-Pod (pronounced “Ground-Pod”) was developed for the shooter wanting a stable and secure platform to shoot off of without breaking the bank.

Now Available: The NEW GRND-Pod Bipod From MDT

The GRND-Pod draws some of its strength from the 6061-T6 aluminum core. For mounting, users are offered either Picatinny or RRS Dovetail/ARCA. The height of the bipod is one-hand adjustable from 4.5″ to 9″. There are four locking positions at 0°, 50°, 90°, and 180°. The legs end in a set of rubber feet that are also compatible with Atlas/Ckye-Pod feet. The buttons are made from high-strength polymer. This, combined with the lightweight carbon fiber construction, lands the weight of this bipod at just about a pound. You can adjust the cant tension on the fly and without tools.


  • Materials: 6061-T6 aluminum, polymer
  • Height: 4.5″ to 9″
  • Compatibility: Picatinny, RRS/ARCA
  • Weight (Picatinny): 15.3 oz
  • Weight (RRS/ARCA): 1lb 0.5 oz
  • MSRP: $199.95

If you are curious to learn more about the new GRND-Pod, head over to the MDT website. You can also learn more about their products by following them on social media. MDT can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Nic L
Nic L

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  • Hacedeca Hacedeca on Feb 09, 2022

    Is there a reason, why the "feet" of the bipods are standing sometimes plain and very horizontal on the ground and sometimes like for the bipod above not? Are they for different types of surface?

  • Pndach Pndach on Feb 10, 2022

    "MDT has just released their newest lightweight bipod"
    "Weight (Picatinny): 15.3 oz"