Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip

    Strike Bipod Grip

    The modern rifle is a major improvement upon older designs in many aspects. One of the most important improvements is the expansive modularity and aftermarket that come along with each firearm. As rifles gained the ability to be easily customized, folks began to buy all of the coolest accessories. The problem with this is real estate. There is only so much space on one gun. So, some companies began to combine certain accessories. The latest example of this comes from Strike Industries. Combining a vertical grip with a bipod, this is the Strike Bipod Grip.

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    Strike Bipod Grip

    The Strike Bipod Grip offers versatility and efficiency to your rifle for maintaining a firm grip when on the move or a steady stationary platform when prone shooting at a sleek, simple and the most affordable option on the market. With various shooting situations and scenarios, there are advantages from an attachment which is both a grip and a bipod. If you have to navigate a building in a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) situation to laying prone right outside taking mid to long range shots, this bipod grip combo will certainly be of use to you.

    Strike Industries Releases the NEW Strike Bipod Grip

    Strike Bipod Grip

    This particular model is made to interface with a standard Picatinny rail. It uses a quick disconnect clamp with a three-arm knob to loosen and tighten it. The entire unit is made from polymer, but plans are in place for a version with metal legs. The grip sits at an 89-degree angle. To deploy the legs, users simply need to pull down on them.

    Strike Bipod Grip


    • Length: 4.71″
    • Width: 1.71″
    • Height: 1.75″
    • Weight: 4.60 oz
    • MSRP: $34.95

    Strike Bipod Grip

    If a bipod grip is something you’d like to put on your rifle, you can get these directly from the Strike Industries website. You can also follow Strike Industries on social media for more content, and on occasion, give direct input on new products before they’re released. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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