Nighthawk Custom Introduces The New .44 Mag Mongoose

    Mag Mongoose

    The Korth Mongoose was previously available from Nighthawk Custom in .357 Magnum, but for those seeking to make a bigger hole, it is now available in .44 Magnum, as well. Whether you’re using it for fun, defense, or hunting, the .44 Magnum delivers a truckload of energy and should serve you well. Welcome the new .44 Mag Mongoose.

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    Mag Mongoose

    Korth has been building the world’s finest revolvers since 1954. Since 2016, Nighthawk Custom has been the exclusive importer of the Korth revolver lineup in the United States. As a partnership, we continue to adapt to the wants and needs of our customers. New for 2022, meet the Korth Mongoose .44 Magnum. All the same stylings as the .357 Mongoose, but now chambered in .44 Mag. If you’ve always loved the classic look of the Mongoose, but craved the power of the .44 Mag, this is the revolver for you.

    Nighthawk Custom Introduces The New .44 Mag Mongoose

    Mag Mongoose

    This six-shot revolver can be had with either a 3″ or 4″ barrel. Riding on top of that barrel is a 14K gold bead front sight, which has been paired with a fully adjustable rear sight. It features a ventilated rib. The grip is made from Turkish walnut and sports some subtle Korth branding. The metal parts of the gun are machined from billet steel and have a DLC finish for corrosion resistance.

    Mag Mongoose

    SPECS (4″ Model)

    • Barrel Lengths: 3″ / 4”
    • Weight: 2.69 lbs.
    • Overall Length: 9.41”
    • Width: 1.70”
    • Finish: DLC Coated Black
    • Height: 6.45”
    • Caliber: 44 Magnum
    • Barrel Material: 416R
    • MSRP: $4,299.00

    Mag Mongoose

    If you’ve been looking to add a new wheelgun to your collection, you can find more information by going to the Nighthawk Custom website. You can also get more content from Nighthawk by following them on social media. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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