TFB Review: SIG Sauer P365 Spectre Comp

    TFB Review: SIG Sauer P365 Spectre Comp

    SIG has been progressing and adapting the P365 series since it debuted back in 2018 with the original model. In past articles, I have taken a look at the various evolutions of the line from the XL variants to the new X line that’s a mash-up of the two models. Their newest offering is from the Spectre line which is the highest variant that SIG offers. Created out of the Custom Shop at SIG Sauer, the brand new P365 Spectre Comp is a new twist and the next evolution to the existing P365 lineup. Let’s take a deeper look at the SIG Sauer P365 Spectre Comp variant.

    TFB Review: SIG Sauer P365 Spectre Comp


    When it comes to this new variant, the size and overall dimensions are almost identical to a standard P365XL with a few twists. The barrel is cut down from 3.7″ to 3.1″ which is a standard P365 length. The Custom shop then moved the front sight post slightly rearward and cut two-chamber ports into the end of the gun creating the first micro handgun with an integrated compensator. First impressions make the new Spectre Comp a bit of a wild deviation of SIG’s normal lineup, but it’s innovative and they decided to try something new which I can respect.

    Slide and Coating Changes

    The overall weight of the P365 Spectre Comp is 20.7oz and there are a number of visible differences compared to the standard XL variant. The first big change is the addition of the built-in compensator in the XL slide. SIG has said the new built-in compensator reduces recoil by 15-35% depending on ammo. The new slide serrations and slide cuts are visible additions to the Spectre as well. SIG’s new slide profile has window cuts as well as a few texture changes to really make it look visibly different from the standard models.

    In addition to the new slide cuts, the Spectre also has an optics-ready slide cut for the ROMEOZero Elite optic. Other changes are the TIN coated barrel and flat-faced trigger. TIN finish not only adds a shiny gold finish but it increases the barrel life and lubricity which reduces friction. It’s a benefit to reducing friction which ultimately extends the barrel life theoretically. I think it really adds flair to the pistol showing it’s not just a run-of-the-mill P365 but rather something a bit different.

    Added Features And Price

    The Spectre also comes with X-Ray3 Night Day/Night sights which are standard for all Legion models and most high-end variants from SIG. The Spectre’s frame has been revamped with a more aggressive laser texturing that offers a bit more traction in the hand than standard models. MSRP on the handgun will be around $1299 and the release date for P365 Spectre Comp will be February 1st.

    Range Time

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how the new Spectre shot, I want to explain a few things to you guys. SIG was kind enough to send a P365 Spectre Comp out early for me to test out as well as 100 rounds of 115gr Elite ammunition. Other than the 100 rounds of ammo, all the other ammunition was provided by myself because I love you guys and want to give you as much info as possible. During the few range trips I took the P365 Spectre Comp out, I shot a variety of 147gr Stand 1 Armory ammunition, 115gr Federal American Eagle, and some Federal 124gr +P HST self-defense ammunition as well. In total, I have just over 600 rounds through the gun currently with zero malfunctions or hiccups.

    Ammo Selection

    On my first range trip out with the new compensated Spectre, I loaded in the full power 115gr ammo from SIG and went through the first 100 rounds just doing various small dot drills. At first, I’ll be honest and say I was curious how the slide ports would actually perform. During my testing, there was a noticeable difference between the 147gr and 115gr factory ammunition. The compensator works much more effectively with the higher-powered rounds because there’s more powder burning and driving the muzzle down through the ports. The statistics SIG sent me on the recoil reduction makes sense with the 15% being lower pressured ammo and 35% recoil reduction representing the hotter 115gr ammunition.

    This was also true for the earlier review I did on the Parker Mountain Machine Dual Port Compensator which isn’t a huge shock to me. The fact it shows similar traits to the larger compensator I tried last year is a great sign the compensator is as effective as larger compensators and presents similar performance traits. SIG’s new laser stippling offers better traction in the hand which was nice when I shot outdoors with gloves on. I was curious if the stippling would tear up my hand since it’s fairly aggressive but shooting 200 rounds my first session without gloves proved a tactile grip without tearing my hand up.

    Low Light And Self Defense Rounds

    One thing I get concerned with when carrying a handgun with porting or compensators is the level of flash thrown upward from the compensator when a shot goes off. The original Shield fell victim to this sliding flash at night and can be disorientating when you’re in a pitch-black space. Porting tends to be worse since ports push the gas through smaller holes which tends to get that flash more than an open-top compensator. I wanted to try the new Spectre and see how things were in pitch black to simulate a self-defence situation at night.

    For this test, I took 2 boxes of Federal HST 124gr+P rounds. After 40 rounds of self-defence ammo, I didn’t experience any bright flashes or fireballs coming up from the compensator. It’s always a good idea to take some hot powered ammo out at night if you have porting or compensators on your range gun. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect but the Spectre passed with flying colors. Having a flat shooting carry gun that fits in a standard P365 holster is a huge plus in my book. I didn’t have to change the holster I already use and everything on the standard XL works on the P365 Spectre Comp as well including magazines and accessories.

    Overall Thoughts

    So after my time with the P365 Spectre Comp, what do I think about it? I can’t hide the fact it’s an expensive gun. People will argue it’s twice the cost of a standard model but I’ll argue it’s twice the gun. To fully customize a regular P365 to this level with a TIN barrel and optics cut along with stippling you’re looking at exceeding the price of this Spectre. This gun has smoothed out the minor snappiness that comes with the standard P365 XL. When I first got the Spectre, I fully planned on sending the gun back once my review was complete, but after my testing, I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting this gun and it’s crazy easy to carry. I will be keeping this Spectre and adding it into my carry rotation because it does exactly what it promises.

    I think SIG took a chance on this Spectre and came out with something pretty unique in the market. What do you guys think? Is the Spectre P365 Comp an interesting twist in the micro-carry gun market or is it something crazy? Let me know your comments down below. If you have questions feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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