HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    Welcome everyone to the 128th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only have Fudd appeal?  Each week the TFB staff weighs in with their thoughts, but readers get the final say in the poll at the bottom of each article.


    Unfortunately, our poll data from last week’s edition was skewed.  But what we do know is that at this time the original auction remains up with the SIG 550 P still up for grabs.  We can only hope this very blue gat will find its way to a new home in the near future.     

    In this week’s edition of HGFC, we look at an AR-15 pistol chambered in 300 Blackout dubbed the “Bone Rattler”. As is tradition, this custom one-off is currently up for sale on GunBroker for $1,000 Starting Bid or $1,900 Buy It Now.  


    Bone Rattler Special

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    Let’s see what the Staff had to say about this week’s offering:

    The only bone this gun will rattle is the district attorney’s.” – James Reeves

    “At least it’s thematically consistent; asking $1900 for a gun in this condition is indeed modern piracy.” – Rusty S.

    “Looks more like a Star Wars prop than a pirate gun. Dude got too drunk to remember which one he was trying to do.” – Will P.

    “Yo ho yo ho a fudds life for me” – Luke C.

    Selling this pointy gat is GunBroker seller RazgrizOmega, located in Farmville VA.  Let’s see what they had to say about this Bone Rattler Custom.  

    Bone Rattler

    Custom 300 blk AR Pistol

    Spikes Calico Jack Lower with a custom engraved upper reciever and a 9″ Brigand Arma Carbon Fiber Edge Handguard. Trigger guard wing is cracked and has been repaired, does not affect function of firearm and trigger guard is still sturdy. Price of lower taken off final price.

    A Cobalt Kinetics 7.62 Linear Comp (caution sharp) on a 7.5″ Faxon 300 Blackout Gunner profile Barrel using a Strike Industries Collar Adjustable gas block.

    This gun has a modified bolt carrier system by Dead Foot Arms to shorten the buffer tube to 2.5″. It is capable of using a Dead Foot Arms folder (not included) to have a collapsable stock that is still fireable on an AR platform. I however purchased it for the overall length it gave (19.75″ from tip of muzzled device to back of tube.) But it does use a shortened bolt carrier with a dual spring system to function. You MUST unacrew the cap on the tube and removed the bolt cardier and springs before removing the upper from the lower. 

    Has an Indian Creek 1911 style AR grip with a rubber overmolded (can also use 1911 grip panels) and a custom made angled foregrip (dont judge it was the first one I ever made.) It is specifically manufacted as an Angled Fore grip.

    Standard lower parts with a Rise Armament Advanced Performance trigger with a 3.5lb pull. Also has custom dust cover and Custom AR charging handle.

    Has a Crimson Trace laser mounted on a 45 degree and comes with a See-All sight (sight not factored into price because I dont like it and want it gone.) And includes 3 Lancer 300 black magazines in a generic case.

    This is a used firearm and is priced as such due to any blemishes and barrel use. The gas system has been tuned to be able to run subs and supers without a suppressor. Subs run on wide open (with bolt hold open) and depending on the supers you can go down. This firearm has been shot with 110, 125, 150, 180, 200, and 208 gr 300 black. The fireball is really impressive with the 110s. And the gun barely moves shooting the 200s. This is a fantastic home defense gun at less than 20″ long and under 7lbs.

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say any gun that has “Dead Men Tell No Tales” engraved on the side isn’t ideal for home defense.  Also, what’s going on with this handguard?  Like I understand skeletonized and lightweight, but at what point did we start making handguards out of leftover wire?

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    Usually, there’s a point on these custom guns where you can see the builder just gave, up or ran out of money.  I’m going to venture a guess and say it was right about the time this leftover block of clay started looking like an angled foregrip.

    Now I usually feel the need to play devil’s advocate at some point, but I really can’t find anything redeeming about this gun.  It takes standard pattern magazines I guess?  So we’ll just skip to the part where I leave it up to you, the readers, to decide.

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Bone Rattler Special

    What do you think?  Is this Bone Rattler Pistol a Hot Gat or some cringy Fudd Crap?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and cast your vote to let us know if this Bone Rattler Custom 300blk AR Pistol is a Hot Gat or Fudd Crap:

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