Archive: January, 2022

[SHOT 2022] New Rifles From Bergara and CVA

[SHOT 2022] It’s Not a Shotgun! The RIA Semi-Auto 12 Gauge VRF14 “Firearm”

James Reeves is at SHOT Show with Rock Island Armory to see the new VRF14. According to RIA: “The VRF14 is the first semi-automatic short barrel firearm of its kind. It boasts a familiar pistol-style grip so you can shoot 12GA shells from the hip. And if the 5-round magazine isn’t enough, [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] WEE1 Tactical JR-15 Rifle [SHOT 2022] Get My Belt! The FN M249S Returns For All Your Crew-Served Needs [SHOT 2022] KCI USA Introduces B&T 9mm Magazine [SHOT 2022] New Rifle And Pistol Products From XS Sights [SHOT 2022] The Next Generation of Revolver Speed Strips From Zeta6 [SHOT 2022] The DVG-1 And CPX-1 Gen 3 From SCCY

[SHOT 2022] Four Peaks Importing the Czech CSV-9 Pistol/SMG

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Four Peaks discussing the import of the CSV-9. This is a handy little Glock-mag-compatible subgun, but at $2,000, is this pistol caliber carbine worth the spend? According to Czech Weapons website: “[The CSV-9] is a weapon intended for target [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] CAA Releases AGADA PCC and Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit

CAA has been showing off their new 9mm PCC, the AGADA, as well as their new Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit (MCK). CAA Releases AGADA PCC and Gen3 Micro Conversion Kit Rifles have remained largely the same basic configuration since the age of the matchlock. Essentially, all [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] Silencer Central Banish 46 & Banish 338 Suppressors

Hop is at SHOT Show 2022 Range Day to speak to Silencer Central about their new Banish 46 and 338 suppressors. According to Silencer Central: “Banish suppressors offer exceptional noise and recoil reduction, user-serviceable designs and adaptable configurations. We are excited to announce the [Read More…]