[SHOT 2022] Noctis BNVD, RAAD, And Updated Pathfinder

    At the TNVC Booth, they had Noctis’ new lightweight binocular housing the Noctis BNVD. Noctis has their own take on refocus caps called RAAD and they had their updated Pathfinder project.

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    At last SHOT Show 2020, Noctis had a prototype of their Noctis BNVD housing. It is a fully articulated housing.

    The BNVD has manual gain, an onboard IR illuminator and powered by a single AA battery.

    All the controls are digital buttons and there is a remote battery port on the right side.

    No word on pricing just yet but I suspect these will be similarly priced to other popular commercial housings.

    Noctis also has their RAAD (Rapid Aperture Adjusting Device) refocus lenses. The Noctis RAAD are just 3D printed prototypes now and price is yet to be determined. The RAAD has three different apertures and it uses magnets to hold the wheel in position. You can flick the wheel to the next size and the magnet will stop it. Interestingly the wheel can only spin to the last position and then you have to spin the wheel back, you cannot go from small to big and skip the medium sized aperture. The lid is held closed by magnets as well. Another change from other aperture refocus lenses. the RAAD uses a screw to tighten the cap onto your objective lens,

    To take refocus lenses a step further, Noctis has mirrored the RAAD so there is a dedicated version for each side of the BNVD. You can see the toothed wheel is exposed on their respective sides. You can reach up, while wearing the goggles, flick the toothed wheels with your index fingers and rapidly switch between apertures.

    The RAAD flip caps fold all the way back.

    They clear a Wilcox G24 mount when you articulate the pods up.

    Last SHOT Show, Noctis had a very interesting device called the Pathfinder. Unfortunately nothing progressed in the last two years due to supply issues and Covid. But they now have an updated version of the Pathfinder and are securing components now.

    If you recall, the Noctis Pathfinder is a small handheld digital camera that has a thermal sensor with rear projection. Digital X Thermal fusion in a device that will be less than $2,000.  This prototype has the thermal sensor sitting over the digital camera lens. The flashlight lens has changed to a fresnel style reflector and the button layout has changed in appearance.

    Noctis is owned by Carson, one of the major manufacturers of optics for PVS-14s and PVS-14 kits. Their products will be sold by dealers like TNVC so check out their website for any updates.

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