[SHOT 2022] Trailblazer Firearms PIVOT – Pack9 Folding PCC

    Trailblazer Firearms are best known for their LifeCard folding .22lr pistol. Well now they are scaling up to a folding 9mm but not in the traditional sense. Last year they announced the Pack9 and now it is dubbed the PIVOT as of SHOT Show 2022.

    Trailblazer Firearms @ TFB

    The PIVOT is a folding 9mm carbine but it folds in an unconventional way. Rather than vertical folding like a SUB-2000 the PIVOT upper receiver spins on a central axle sort of like a helicopter rotor. But pivoting to deploy the PIVOT carbine, this means your can have optic and other accessories attached to the top without interfering with the folding nature. This also means your optic stays zeroed to the barrel.


    The PIVOT features ambidextrous safety levers.

    The stock is collapsible and adjustable for length of pull. It has an integrated spare magazine holder. Yes, the PIVOT takes Glock mags.

    Other than the pistol grip, the PIVOT is made of machined aluminum. The trigger is flat faced.

    There is a non reciprocating charging handle that operates similar to an MP5. Yes you can HK slap it.

    There is a decent amount of picatinny rail for a front irons or if you want top mount tape switches. The sides have ample MLOK slots to attach any lights and lasers you want.

    When folded the barrel and handguard sit over the stock.

    There are some things to know about the Pack9 design. Due to safety reasons the upper receiver will not rotate if a magazine in inserted in the grip. It will not fire when folded. When folded it is 20.9″ long. The Pack 9 will be available in March and retails for $1795. Check out their website for more information.

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