[SHOT 2022] AB Night Vision’s RPNVG – Pano Bino Goggle

    Thanks to Will at TNVC for taking the time to show me AB Night Vision’s latest iteration of their RNVG goggle, the RPNVG. The Rugged Panoramic Night Vision Goggle is a dual tube bino housing that features panning in the bridge to increase FOV.

    Panoramic Night Vision @TFB

    Traditionally panoramic night vision goggles are expensive. Even with the onset of affordable Chinese housings like the QTNVG, it is still a 5 figure expenditure. Thanks to Neal of Noise Fighters for igniting a fire in the industry with his Panobridge that allows you to bridge two PVS-14s but more importantly you can pan them outwards and thus increasing FOV with just two image intensifiers. Pano binos has caught on and many people find it a worthwhile price to explore panoramic night vision. Well AB Night Vision is joining the game with their RPNVG housing.

    At first glance it resembles an RNVG but there are some significant differences. The controls are not digital buttons on the top of the housing. The power button is set in a ramped enclosure while the IR illuminator button is shrouded to avoid accidental activation.

    Another difference is that there are no IPD adjustment screw knobs. Instead there is a detent button in front of the bridge just above the monocular pod. Press this in and you can slide the pods left or right. AB Night Vision added teeth to the track of the pods so they stay in position. However if you bump the pods against something the ratcheting system will give way so as to not damage anything.

    Of course the biggest change is the central pivot just under the dovetail. This allows you spread the pods apart and achieve wider FOV.


    Just like the RNVG, the RPNVG has a LEMO port on the side as well as lanyard loops on either side of the bridge.


    Interestingly the RPNVG appears to only have three power rails under the bridge compared to the RNVG and MOD3 which both have four power rails. 

    At the bottom of the monocular pods are these rectangular dovetails. Will of TNVC did not know what these were for. Maybe they are for adapting to a Wilcox dovetail so you can bridge a single monocular with another device?

    Speaking of single monocular pods the RPNVG pods are removable and can be independently powered somewhat like the MOD-3.

    While the MOD-3 pods were removable without tools, the RPNVG pods look like they require tools to be removed from the bridge and to install the power pack.


    You can see the power pack dovetails into the same slot as the RPNVG bridge.

    There are two set screws in the front of the pod that hold the battery pack in place.

    There is no pricing for the RPNVG housing at this time and TNVC is still determining their price for completely built systems. So check out TNVC for more info on the RPNVG.

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