[SHOT 2022] Century Arms Canik SFX RIVAL And Mecanik Red Dot Sights

    Century Arms has been a force of nature when it comes to legitimizing the Turkish Canik pistols. They are continuing with competing in the competition market with their latest iteration in the Canik SFX pistols. The Canik Rival is a race gun from the ground up. To top it off, Century is also offering their own Mechanic red dot sights for pistols.

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    Meet Your Rival

    Century first made a competition pistol with their Canik TP9 SFX and it was a phenomenal pistol. Now they are going a step further with the SFX Rival. It has a OAL of 8.1″, height of 5.7″, width of 1.41″ and a 5″ barrel. It weighs just 29.5oz. The slide has aggressive slide cuts and porting. The Rival comes with a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight.

    Canik SFX Rival

    The Rival comes in gray with gold accents. Century will offer an all black version called Rival Darkside. They will come with flared magwells.

    The trigger guard has double under cuts and the beaver tail has been redesigned for ergonomics. The Rival features ambidextrous slide releases and like the previous TP9 SFX, the Rival has a reversible mag release with different mag button sizes. The trigger is a flat faced aluminum trigger that breaks at 90º.

    To round out the competition Rival, Century is coming out with their own line of mini red dots sights called Mecanik.

    The Mecanik MO2 features a large wide lens with a 3moa dot. The front of the housing has a concave face that allows you to rack the slide against the optic without touching the glass. The side of the Mecanik housing also features similar serrations as the slide.

    Century is also offering a smaller Mecanik M01. This red dot is for there Mete series of pistols and will cowitness with the factory irons. It uses motion sensors to turn on and features automatic brightness. The Mecanik M01 also has the concave face so you can rack the slide with the optic.

    The SFX RIVAL will retail for $679.99 while the Mecanik M01 will cost $249.99 and the M02 will cost a little bit less at $239.99. Check out their website for more information.

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