[SHOT 2022] ATN ODIN LT Series Thermal Monocular

    At SHOT Show ATN had their latest on display. One of them was this thermal monocular they call the ODIN LT Series. It is a handheld device that can be helmet mounted.

    ATN @TFB

    The ODIN LT Series is a line of entry level thermal monoculars. They have 320×240, 60 fps, 12 µm thermal cores. There are three different ODIN LTs in the series and the difference is in the size of the objective lens. They are 19mm, 25mm and 35mm. The larger the lens the more expensive but they can see further.

    Human Detection is 535 yards for the 19mm lens but if you upgrade to there 35mm lens it can detect humans at 1510 yards away.  Recognition is 380 yards and 680 yards depending on the size of your lens. Identification is 240 yards but only 340 yards with the larger lens.

    Normally the ODIN LT is powered by a single CR123 for a run time of 2.5 hours. However there is a rechargeable battery pack you can add for $79 to double the battery life of the ODIN LT to 5 hours and you plug in a USB power supply using a USB-C cable to run additional power.


    ATN has photos of the ODIN LT mounted on a helmet. The mount is $249 but since all the ODIN LT start at 2x magnification I do not think helmet mounting it would be very good.

    ATN Introduces the ODIN LT 3320 2-4X Compact Thermal Monocular

    Having a starting magnification of 2x definitely helps when looking for game and recognizing them sooner and further. The ODIN LT starts at just $1299 for the 19mm version and $1699 for the 35mm version. Also the 35mm version starts at 4x magnification so choose wisely how much magnification is good for scanning for your needs.

    Check out their website for more information.


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