[SHOT 2022] Crimson Trace AFG Light and RAD Dot Sights

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

At SHOT Show 2022 Crimson Trace had a whole catalog of new products for 2022. They are branching out more with weapon lights like their RIG AFG weapon light. And they are diversifying with a wide range of RAD red dot sights from handguns all the way up to heavy recoiling weapons. Let’s see what they got.

Crimson Trace @TFB

Crimson Trace Weapon Lights

Crimson Trace came out with their entry level CMR-301 laser/light and it was a hit with the crew at TFB. Well now they will be offering it in Tan.

It will have a green laser and white light. It can mount direct to picatinny to MLOK. It will retail for $339.99.

But what caught my eye was their new RIG AFG light.

The RIG AFG light is ambidextrous. It puts out 500 lumens and uses a proprietary rechargeable battery that you can easily swap without needing to remove the light. The RIG light comes with two batteries for $174.99.

Crimson Trace is also offering a stand alone weapon light. The CWL-102 puts out 500 lumens. It can be mounted to Picatinny and MLOK. It also uses the same remote tape switch as the CMR-301.

Crimson Trace RAD Dot Sights

To diversify their portfolio Crimson Trace is going strong with a wide assortment of RAD dot sights. Their HRO (Heavy Recoil Optic) dot sight is for big calibers like .308 and up.

It is an enclosed emitter with a 2 MOA dot. It has manual brightness adjustment buttons on both sides of the housing. The HRO also features their CT Motion Sensor so it turns on when you pick up your gun.

Crimson Trace line of RAD dot sights cover everything from big to small. Here is their CT RAD Max Pro. All the RAD dot sights have a 3 MOA dot for red dot sights and a 5 MOA dot for their green dot sights. The Pro versions of the RAD dot sights have there CT Motion Sensor. CT sights with the CT Motion Sensor will shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity. RAD dot sights also shut off after 8 hours of continuous use to conserve battery.

The CT RAD MAX Pro below is an upscaled version of their pistol dot sight for use on a large format pistol like this AR pistol.

Their CT RAD dot sights have a Docter footprint and are offered in standard or pro versions with the Motion Sensor. They are also offered in Red or Gree dots. They have a top mounted battery and will retail for just $249.99.

Their Micro has a JPoint/Shield RMS. The Micro does not have manual adjustable brightness but feature their CT Radiance ambient light sensor for auto brightness.

The CT RAD Micro will retail for $224.99 while the CT RAD Micro Pro will retail for $50 more at $274.99.

For more information check out their website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Smokey_the_Bear Smokey_the_Bear on Jan 27, 2022

    RIG AFG looks cool, but for my setup it would need to be on the side, which would look terrible. Hopefully they offer a side mount version that is a little sleeker without the hand grip portion.

  • B Snappy B Snappy on Jan 28, 2022

    That light looks very fragile. One accidental drop and it looks like it would snap right off of the AFG.