[SHOT 2022] Valhalla Tactical ODA Switch, SOL Body, CCW Jacket and Skadi LoPro Mount

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Valhalla Tactical makes some unique accessories. At SHOT Show 2022 they unveiled their new ODA switch and SOL body. We will get into that soon. They also have a new optic mount called the Skadi and a clever CCW jacket design for people who carry AIWB.

Valhalla Tactical @TFB

Valhalla Tactical ODA Switch & SOL Body

Valhalla Tactical has been making a line of light bodies for use with Modlite and late last year a new light body for upgrading a Cloud Rein. Well they are focusing on controlling the light with their new ODA switch for their SOL (Selectable Orientation Lightbody) body.

Valhalla Tactical wanted a simple and easy method of activation that did not require tape switches. Yes you could get an Arisaka momentary tailcap or a classic SureFire Scoutlight tailcap but that requires you to push forward with your thumb. Often those tailcaps are shrouded. So they decided to make an Omni-Directional Activation (ODA) switch. It is sort of like a joy stick or that little red TrackPoint button mouse on old IBM Thinkpads.

Bumping the ODA in any direction will activate the light.

However if you want constant on, you can press the ODA forward and it will click constant on.

Due to the ODA switch size, it uses a proprietary light body. The SOL body threads are the same as a Modlite head but on both sides. So the front and back of the light body will have the same threads. They will have both 18650 and 18350 lengths. They will also offer the SOL bodies in both a Baldr fixed mount or their Baldr Pivot mount. Another benefit to the ODA switch is that it was designed for high output. It can handle 10 Amps whereas a typical SureFire Scoutlight tailcap can only handle 3 Amps.

By having the threads on both ends being the same, you can now flip the Baldr SOL upside down and orient the light lower if you want, Just swap the head onto the back and move the ODA to the front.

The ODA and SOL are available now for preorder on their website for $79.95.

Skadi Low Profile Optic Mount

Valhalla Tactical made the Skadi to be a quick detach optic mount that has minimal protrusions especially fort use on a side charging firearm. Many QD mounts have levers that stick out the side or if you want something low profile you have to go with a bolt on mount.

The Skadi mount is made of 7075 aluminum with a Grade 5 titanium cam lock.

Here is a list of compatible optics. You need to choose an optic plate for your SKADI mount.

  • RMR / 407C / 507C
  • DeltaPoint Pro / 407K / 507K
  • 509T
  • T-1 / 403 / 503
  • ACRO
  • Docter / Viper / Venom
  • RTS2 / Razor
  • Nikon Spur

Pre-Order is live for $99.95.

Valhalla Tactical CCW Jacket

Valhalla’s Jacket is a prototype they don’t even have a name for it. However it has a clever design that I think has merit.

Watch the video below.


For those who cannot see the video, the jacket has a pockets like a normal jacket. However there is a pass through tunnel that you can use behind the pocket to have immediate access to your CCW. The outward appearance is that you still have your hands in your pockets. But if you need to draw, the front of the jacket separates from the rear letting you draw and present your CCW.

They are still figuring out costs and market value for this jacket. Some suggestions have already been to reduce or remove the logo from the chest and make it in non tactical colors.

For more information check out their website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Warrior24_7 Warrior24_7 on Jan 26, 2022

    “Bumping the ODA in any direction will activate the light.”

    Is that a good thing?

    • Chevtec Group Chevtec Group on Jan 26, 2022

      @Warrior24_7 It's so you can just grab the thing when needed. No specific hand/finger placement. No fine motor skills needed.

      It's a good idea if you aren't in an environment where you have to worry about white light NDs. As is the situation with most real life home defense situations.

  • Baron of Livonia Baron of Livonia on Jan 27, 2022

    Like a German Police jacket from 2000.