[SHOT 2022] Phantom Hill CTF2 – Scoutlight/KIJI Compatible MFAL

    Mike of Phantom Hill flew into SHOT Show on Thursday and met up with me and Hop to show us his latest laser. Mike brought his newest iteration of the CTF2 laser and it has been enhanced from user feedback. Let’s take a close look at this prototype.

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    CTF2 Now Compatible With SureFire Scoutlight

    If you read my review of the original CTF1 one of the things I wanted to see was a universal CTF1. Well that is what the CTF2 has become.

    CTF2 prototype

    R-L: Clear prototype, CTF-1, CTF-2 prototype, Possible CTF-2 button arrangement.

    Mike heeded what the public was wanting. He made the CTF body threaded to fit SureFire Scoutlight heads. So he had his setup with a KIJI head and a white Scoutlight head.

    Similar to the CTF1 the CTF2 use single CR123 batteries in each side. Because of this you can only use 3v M300 compatible Scoutlight heads. However when Mike told me about this prototype around Xmas, I told him I want to see if my 1xCell extender would work and be able to deliver 6v to a M600 head. It works!

    One new feature in the CTF2 is the ability to swap the heads. Both buttons will activate their respective side and the IR laser. But this way you can put the IR and white light on whatever side you want. If you want IR to be on the left, put the IR head on the left. Right side gets the white light and now the right side button will be white light. It is user configurable. Who cares if the IR laser activates with the white light? The battery drain is not significant.

    Mike of Phantom Hill is exploring a different button configuration for the CTF2. Here is that prototype. He is considering have a IR aiming laser only button while the buttons on either side will simultaneously activate the light and laser of their respective sides.

    The CTF2 will be available in a couple months. They will be offering a version without heads on it. They are looking around $799 for the bare bones version. They are talking with B.E. Meyers to see if they can offer a bundled package with KIJI heads. But nothing official yet. Mike has some other ideas he is cooking in his head. But those will be reserved for CTF3 and future versions. In the mean time check out their website for more info. I have been told he will send one for a future Friday Night Lights review when they are ready so look forward to that.


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