[SHOT 2022] Holosun SCS – Flush Mounted Pistol Red Dots

    I remember seeing Sentinel Concepts posting a picture of a prototype a couple years ago and I thought it was vapor ware. But Holosun unveiled their SCS (Solar Charging Sight) at SHOT Show 2022. The SCS is a flush mounted red dot that cowitnessess the factory iron sights.

    Holosun @TFB

    Flush Mounted Red Dots Now Possible With SCS

    Optic cuts on slides is nothing new but most red dots require an optic mounting plate. Often these setups position the red dot high and you end up needing taller iron sights if you want to have cowitnessing irons. One option is to have your slide custom milled to sink a red dot lower than most factory options. Shield made a small red dot with a custom plate that actually sat low enough on a factory Glock MOS slide that the tiny red dot cowitnessed the factory Glock sights. Well Holosun is coming out with dedicated SCS (solar charging sight) red dots that will direct bolt onto an optics cut slide.

    In order to perform this small bit of magic, Holosun had to make certain compromises. The first was to eliminate a removable battery entirely. The SCS has an onboard rechargeable battery that is charged by the solar panel. According to Holosun the SCS will have a 20k hour battery life. If the battery needs to be replaced you can send it back to Holosun.

    Glock Holosun SCS

    What caught me off guard was that Holosun is making them for a whole bunch of pistol hosts.

    Here is an SCS for the CZ P-10.

    Got an IWI Masada? Well Holosun is making an SCS for that.

    This one I think will be very popular. The H&K VP9. I see a lot of frustrated VP9 owners unable to get optic mount plates for their optics ready VP9s. Well this eliminates the need for proprietary optic mounting plates.

    The Smith & Wesson SCS is a nice option but I feel it is necessary. My S&W M&P9 Performance was my first red dot pistol and it had a J-Point that sat low enough to cowitness with the taller factory iron sights. But more options are always welcome.

    The SCS red dots will have a 2MOA dot and according to the Holosun Representative they will have models for Glock, S&W M&P, H&K VP9, CZ P-10, IWI Masada, and Canik. ETA is around 4-5 months out and they will retail for $399.99 for red and $435.28 for green. Check out their website for more information.


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