[SHOT 2022] Aimpoint Duty RDS – Budget Minded Optic

    At SHOT Show 2022 Aimpoint unveiled their latest budget minded optic. The Aimpoint Duty RDS is a slight twist on the micro red dots that they have offered in the past.

    Aimpoint @TFB

    We briefly got to look at the Aimpoint Duty RDS on Sunday at the SHOT Show range as Aimpoint was setting up for Monday’s Range Day.

    The Duty RDS will retail with an MSRP for $499. It uses the standard CR2032 coin battery with a battery life of 30,000 hours of constant on at brightness level 7. That is over 3 years of continuous use.

    Duty RDS on display at Shot Show

    There are some changes to the Duty RDS compared to their Micro T1/T2 red dot sights. They changed the windage and elevation adjustments to be flush mounted to the body so you will need a tool to adjust them. But unlike the Aimpoint T2, with its proprietary two pin tool, the Duty RDS uses any standard Torx bit. I do not know the size of the tool you will need but I am sure you already have one and it will come with one in the box.

    The Duty RDS also comes with flip up lens caps. The front cap is solid while the rear is transparent. That way a shooter can aim with both eyes open in an emergency where they do to have time to flip the cops up.

    Another change to the Aimpoint Duty is that the brightness controls and power is controlled by two buttons on the side of the optic rather than the knob you see on the T1/T2.

    The Aimpoint Duty comes with a one-piece torsion nut mount. The optic itself has an optic height similar to the CompM5b and while it will fit the Aimpoint T2 mounts, the optic height will be a little bit taller if you use an optic riser like the Unity Tactical.

    According to Aimpoint the Duty RDS is available now to Law Enforcement and First Responders. Go to their website to order now.

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