[SHOT 2022] MDT’s New Rifle Chassis and Comp Brake

    [SHOT 2022] MDT ACC Gen2 - The MLOK slots and the detachable mirage shield with picatinny rail

    Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) introduced three new rifle chassis at SHOT this year. Each is purpose-built and top of the line.

    MDT’s Three New Rifle Chassis

    MDT this year introduced the HNT26, a lightweight bolt-action hunting chassis. The name, HNT26, comes from the chassis’ purpose (hunting) and weight (26 ounces). The main body is a magnesium alloy which provides for the shockingly light chassis weight. The furniture is carbon fiber or rubberized, and features a buttstock with a LOP adjustable recoil pad, an adjustable cheek riser, and a foregrip with MLOK and an integral ARCA rail.

    The HNT26 will have the option of a fixed or folding buttstock, and a vertical or swept-back pistol grip, but if you don’t like either option, the HNT26 will accept most standard AR-15 grips.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT HNT26 – Note the adjustable folding stock

    The chassis is compatible with short and long actions for the Remington 700, Savage, and Tikka T3.

    TMBR Chassis

    [SHOT 2022] MDT TMBR Chassis

    The TMBR chassis features a laminate wood stock, chosen to provide the “warm and unique aesthetics of a traditional wood stock”. Despite that, it brings all the features that a modern chassis should. The buttstock features again a fully adjustable LOP and cheek riser, vertical or swept-back grips, and an aluminum block bedding system that goes down through the grip into the buttstock.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT TMBR Chassis – Note again the fully adjustable LOP and cheek riser

    Just like the HNT26, the TMBR is compatible with Remington 700, Savage, and Tikka T3 actions. For now, it is only compatible with the short actions. Eventually, MDT hopes to make the TMBR compatible with both short and long actions, but that will be in the future.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT TMBR Chassis

    MDT hopes to bring the TMBR to market within the next few months.

    ACC Gen2 Chassis

    [SHOT 2022] MDT ACC Gen2

    Less of a name than a working title, this prototype won’t hit the market anytime soon. ACC stands for Adjustable Core Competition. The Gen2 keeps some of the same features as the Gen1, namely MDT’s integrated modular weight system. Competitive precision shooters often fine-tune the weight of their rifle to account for recoil and barrel harmonics, and the ACC chassis makes that easy.

    The buttstock, as with all MDT chassis systems, features a fully adjustable LOP and cheek riser. The ACC Gen2 however, features a tool-less adjustment system for the LOP and cheek riser, which can be adjusted in the field or at the range without the use of any tools other than your hands.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT ACC Gen2

    The buttstock has a proprietary multi-part dampening system that will reduce felt recoil, and the pistol grip itself is adjustable for cant and distance from the trigger. In order to increase durability and rigidity, the chassis has been widened, and the forend features a detachable mirage shield.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT ACC Gen2 – The MLOK slots and the detachable mirage shield with picatinny rail

    The magwell and mag latch are both adjustable to accept magazines from Remington, Savage, Tikka, and Howa. The ACC Gen2 hopes to add Howa compatibility to the chassis in addition to the standard Remington 700, Savage, and Tikka T3 actions.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT ACC Gen2 – Note the adjustable magwell

    MDT COMP BRake

    [SHOT 2022] MDT Comp Brake

    In addition to the three new chassis systems MDT debuted, they also showed off their new Comp (short for competition) Muzzle Brake. The Comp Brake features a four-port design to maximize recoil reduction and minimize shooter concussion. In addition to the four main gas ports, there are forward-facing “disruptor” ports to better deflect gasses away from the shooter.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT Comp Brake

    The top of the Comp Brake features an adjustable gas system to allow the user to fine-tune how much gas leaves the top of the brake versus how much is forced out the sides. While previous MDT brakes were not caliber specific, simply being compatible up to 338, the new Comp Brakes will be caliber specific. They will be offered for calibers ranging from .224-.338 cal, and in three different threads.

    [SHOT 2022] MDT Comp Brake – Note the caliber specific marking of 6.5

    HNT26 Fast Facts

    • Weight: 26oz (fixed stock) or 31oz (folding stock)
    • Material: AZ61A magnesium alloy body, carbon-fiber furniture
    • Attachment points: MLOK slots on the foregrip, ARCA tripod rail, QD sling swivel mount
    • Compatibility: Short and long Remington 700, Savage, and Tikka T3 actions
    • Length-of-Pull: 12.5″ minimum, adjustable
    • MSRP: $1,399.95
    • Release Date: Available now!


    • Material: Laminate furniture, aluminum bedding system
    • Attachment points: MLOK slots on the bottom of the foregrip
    • Compatibility: Short Remington 700, Savage, and Tikka T3 actions
    • Length-of-Pull: 12.5″ minimum, adjustable
    • MSRP: TBD
    • Release Date: Q3 2022


    • Weight: 5lbs, adjustable up to 15lbs
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Attachment points: MLOK, QD, ARCA
    • Compatibility: Remington 700, Savage, Tikka T3, Howa
    • Length-of-Pull: Adjustable
    • MSRP: TBD
    • Release Date: Hah


    • Material: Nitrided Steel
    • Weight: 0.44lbs
    • Thread Pattern: 
      • 1/2″-28: .224/.243
      • 5/8″-24: .224/.243/6mm, .264/6.5mm, .308 and .338
      • 3/4″-24:  .224/.243/6mm, .264/6.5mm, .308 and .338
    • MSRP: $299.95
    • Release Date: Q2 2022

    You can read more about MDT’s new offerings on their website

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