[SHOT 2022] Barnaul Subsonic 9mm Ammunition

    At the SHOT Show 2022 Industry Day at the Range, MKS Supply brought the recently released Barnaul subsonic 9x19mm ammunition and offered to test it in a suppressed full-auto 9mm AR … few things are more fun than that! Let’s see what specs this subsonic 9mm ammunition has.

    Barnaul Ammo @ TFB:

    [SHOT 2022] Barnaul Subsonic 9mm Ammunition (3)

    [SHOT 2022] Barnaul Subsonic 9mm Ammunition

    The new Barnaul 9mm subsonic ammunition is loaded with 151-grain FMJ (bimetal jackets) bullets. Both the projectile and steel cases are zinc coated. The muzzle velocity is 850 fps and the muzzle energy is 355 ft-lb. The average cartridge weight is 211 grains and the cartridge overall length is 1.17″. This ammo is sold in boxes of 50 rounds. No MSPR is mentioned on Barnaul’s website and the pricing and availability at retailer websites vary as of writing this article.

    In an earlier published press release, Barnaul also mentioned that this ammo is suitable for IPSC Minor Power Factor. Here is an excerpt from that press release:

    The new Barnaul 9mm Subsonic ammunition follows the path of the manufacturer’s original Silver Sport line of Minor Power Factor ammo developed for IPSC competition but with a key change. The new ammo incorporates a slightly heavier 151-grain FMJ bullet versus the original 148-grain projectile. With an average muzzle velocity of 850 fps, the Barnaul 9mm Subsonic delivers a power factor of 128.35 from a 4.7-inch barrel, placing it just above the 125 PF minimum adopted by most shooting organizations for the minor power classes.

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    The suppressed 9mm full-auto AR that MKS Supply brought to the SHOT Show 2022 Industry Day at the Range

    Although I fired only one magazine loaded with just 10 rounds, which is far from being an ammunition test, the ammo ran flawlessly and while I was talking to the company officials, multiple people stopped by and fired the suppressed 9mm AR and it seemed to have no issues (not counting the user errors of seating the mags or charging the gun properly). Stay tuned to TFB for more extensive testing reports of this ammunition!
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