[SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson’s new M&P Volunteer

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series

    Smith and Wesson’s famous M&P series of AR-15s has a new addition to the lineup. The brand new M&P Volunteer.

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series

    Smith and Wesson’s new M&P Volunteer

    Smith and Wesson’s M&P series has been around for a long time, and they even recently debuted an M&P II Tactical version, that included some features the M&P series had been lacking. Now S&W has gone a step further with the M&P Volunteer.

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series

    The Volunteer series will come in two main configurations, a standard Volunteer XV and the Volunteer XV Pro series. Various elements will then be changed within the XV and XV Pro lines for a full line-up of six new rifles. Some features will stay the same between all of the rifles. Firstly, all six of the new models will have mil-spec flat-face triggers, secondly B5 system stocks and pistol grips, and finally chromed firing pins.

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series – Note the flat-face trigger

    The primary difference between the two main configurations of the rifle is whether or not the barrel is free-floated. The M&P Volunteer XV series will have a front sight gas block. Inside the XV series, the main difference between the three models is the type of gas block and whether or not the gun comes with an optic. Two of the XV models include a railed gas block and one has an A2-style. These XV models will have drop-in BCM Gunfighter handguards, 16″ barrels, and come optics ready, iron sights equipped (the A2 FSP model), or with a Crimson Trace red dot.

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series – Note the B5 Stock

    M&P Volunteer Pro Series

    The M&P Volunteer Pro series, on the other hand, is all free-float. The Pro series will come with 14.5″, 16″, or 20″ barrels. All three sub-models will come with Radian Raptor LT ambidextrous charging handles, B5 SOPMOD stocks, and PWS 5.56 muzzle brakes. The 14.5″ model will have the brake pinned and welded so as to remain a rifle instead of an SBR. Additionally, all three of the free-float models will have S&W in-house manufactured M-LOK rails. The 14.5″ model will have a 13.5″ rail, whereas the 16″ and 20″ models will both have 15″ rails. Finally, all three of the Pro models will come with Williams Gun Sight Company folding iron sights.

    [SHOT 2022] Smith and Wesson M&P Volunteer Series – Free floated rail!

    Fast Facts About the M&P Volunteers

    • Caliber: 5.56 chambers
    • Barrel Length: 14.5″ with a P&W, 16″, and 20″ models
    • Handguard: Drop-in BCM Gunfighter handguards or S&W free-float MLOK handguards
    • Optics: Optics ready, iron sights, and Crimson Trace red dots
    • Trigger: Mil-spec flat face triggers
    • Capacity: 30-round where legal
    • Muzzle Device: A2 birdcage or PWS 5.56 muzzle brake
    • MSRP: $1,049.00-$1,599.00
    • Release Date: Available now

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