[SHOT 2022] Nocturn Industries New Katana, Battery Packs & Tanto Daisho Bridge

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

If you have been following my Friday Night Lights Series, you will have read up on Nocturn Industries. They have established themselves in the commercial night vision market as an up and coming night vision housing manufacturer and have gained the respect of many in the industry.

At SHOT Show 2022 they have unveiled a whole host of new products. The have a new Katana design, a PVS-15 Katana, battery packs and the Daisho bridge to combine twin Tantos.

Nocturn Industries @ TFB

Wakizashi – A Fixed Bridge Bino

Jeff of Nocturn had told me about the Wakizashi last year and they are now going to be offering it as an alternative to their articulating Katana housing. As you can see from the photos, the Wakizashi has a LEMO battery port for a remote battery pack.

The Wakizashi will have pupillary distance adjustment knobs on the side like other fixed bridge housings such as the ANIVS6/9, Sentinel and RNVG.

You can see one of the new battery packs Nocturn Industries will be making. It is a simple battery pack that delivers power to the housing using a LEMO cable.

New Katana – There Is More Than One

Since Nocturn makes their housings using 3D printing, it is relatively easy for them to change a design and have it printed rather than spend money making molds or changing CNC programming to machine parts. Jeff Melochick is constantly tweaking and updating his housings and his new Katana is seen below. The changes are subtle but it is aesthetically different. Also he has some plans in motion to upgrade certain parts of the new Katana to be made out of metal and yet the whole goggle will weigh less than before.

Another new Katana has been forged.The PVS-15 Katana. Nocturn has designed a new Katana housing to accept PVS-15 optics. This allows legacy PVS-15 users to upgrade their housing to a fully articulated housing.

You can see the new metal dovetail mounted on the top of the PVS-15 Katana.

Here you can really see the design of the New Katana. The monocular pods have a swooping reinforcement on the top of the pod.

The rear latches are also made out of machined aluminum.

Two Tantos = Daisho

If you recall I reviewed the Tanto stand alone monocular. Well Nocturn will be coming out with an articulated bridge system. You simply remove the battery cap off each pod. Then battery dummy inserts are inserted into the battery compartments to help deliver power to the proper tubes that need it.

Nocturn Industries – UANVB Samurai

Something totally new for Nocturn is the Samurai. If you look closely there is no battery compartment or switch.

Everything is powered and controlled by the remote battery pack. Manual gain and IR illuminator is controlled by the buttons on the battery backpack. The prototype is just for display and it is a non-working unit. They are working on a whole host of new products stay tuned for when those are released.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Alan A Alan A on Jan 20, 2022

    Ugh, I just ordered a Katana about a week ago....Probably won't get the updated version

    • John John on Jan 22, 2022

      @Alan A You’ll definitely get the latest version which is the Gen2.5.

  • Alex Alex on Jan 20, 2022

    Hey there Nicholas!

    Great coverage so far! Can you please hit up the Surefire booth and see what’s new please?