[SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Sureshell Carrier

    [SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Sureshell Carrier

    [SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Mount for Benelli M4

    Mesa Tactical is known for their wide range of shotgun accessories. Their Sureshell carrier has become the de facto standard sidesaddle mount for most law enforcement shotguns. It features a picatinny top rail that has been used with tube-style red dots and EOtechs.

    [SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Mount for[SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Sureshell Carrier Benelli M4

    Shooter’s view of the Sureshell With RMR Mount

    New for this year, the Sureshell carrier lineup adds an RMR mount co-witnessed to the factory ghost ring sights. It was developed to respond to an agency request, and is available for both the Benelli M2 and M4 shotguns. The “Sureshell With RMR Mount” is offered in several variations, including 4- or 6-shell capacity and polymer or aluminum construction. MSRP for polymer versions is $93 and aluminum models list at $110 for 4-shell and $115 for 6-shell models.

    The Truckee M-Lok handguard for the M4 shotgun has been tweaked and perfected. It is now easier to install and has no wobble. It is available in three lengths from 8.5 inches to 15 inches.

    Mesa Tactical produces a wide range of Beretta 1301 parts and accessories. In fact, their Urbino stock is used as an OEM on some 1301 models. A Sureshell RMR mount with a co-witnessed RMR mount for the 1301 will be “priority #1” once SHOT is over, according to the staff at the booth.

    In addition to their shotgun products, AR-15 products are now offered under the Mesatac name. The Pyramid handguard is made from 6061 aluminum with a steel barrel nut. Weights are not listed because they “don’t care” about weight, but do care about rigidity and durability. Available lengths include 9.5, 12, 13.5, 15, and 17 inches, ranging in price from $170 (9.5 inch) to $250 (17 inch). Mesatac also offers the Trego grip, which is rubber overmolded and available in black or FDE. It fits all applications where standard AR-15 grips are used, including Mesa’s telescoping stock conversions.

    [SHOT 2022] NEW Mesa Tactical RMR Co-Witness Sureshell Carrier

    Mesatac Pyramid handguard and Trego girp

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