[SHOT 2022] The POF USA Phoenix PCC Has Risen

    At SHOT Show POF unveiled a new PCC. The POF USA Phoenix has some very interesting features and not all is as it seems. Let’s take a look at this new competitor to the PCC market.

    POF @TFB

    The Phoenix caught my attention with its magazine. At first glance I thought it was a new PCC that can take MP5 magazines. That is not the case.

    The POF USA Phoenix uses a new proprietary magazine that they developed. It is a 35 round double to single stack magazine.

    It is kind of hard to see but the Phoenix has a huge feed ramp.

    POF USA Phoenix

    What is most interesting is the shape of the POF USA Phoenix. It does not have a traditional AR buffer tube. So they have a 1913 rail and QD sling pocket at the rear of the receiver. The upper is monolithic.

    The POF USA Phoenix features the same ambidextrous controls as their Gen4 AR lower. It has ambidextrous bolt release and magazine release.

    The POF USA Phoenix does not have a typical AR charging handle. Instead it has a non-reciprocating forward charging handle. The handle folds down and locks into the handguard.

    Lift it up and pull to charge the bolt.

    You can move the charging handle and place it on the right side for left handed shooters.

    The bolt system for the POF USA Phoenix is interesting. It reminds me of the OA-93 recoil system. The spring is positioned over the bolt and barrel. The recoil spring is actually two springs nested inside each other like a Glock Gen 4 recoil spring. The carrier is not a typical AR-9 but it is still direct blow back. The silver rear section is a tungsten weight.

    POF uses a 1911 style extractor.

    The POF Phoenix looks interesting but I am not too sure about adopting a proprietary magazine. Hopefully if it takes off, like the CZ Scorpion, then we could see a proliferation of magazines. MSRP is $1699 for the pistol. Check out their website for updates.

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