[SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope

    [SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope

    Meopta, a well-known European scope manufacturer, released a new budget-friendly scope line called the MeoSport R. This 3-15×50 scope has a second focal plane, illuminated reticle. It also features side parallax adjustment that goes from 10 yards (yes, airgunners and rimfire shooters, that number is correct) to infinity.

    [SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope

    Elevation turrets in the locked (R) and unlocked (L) positions

    The MeoSport R is equipped with locking target turrets with 0.1 MRAD clicks. The locking system is very intuitive. Simply pull the turret up to dial an adjustment, then push down to lock the turret in place. The knurled edge on the turrets allowed for easy movement but will not tear up a gun case (or your hands) like some scope turrets.

    The most unique feature of the MeoSport R is the inclusion of scope rings with the scope. Anyone who has worked in a gun store knows the struggle of trying to find the correct rings to mount a certain scope to a certain gun. The rings you need always seem to be the ones that are out of stock. Including rings with the scope will be phenomenal for ease of installation, though the scope might sit higher than it would in rings perfectly matched to the gun.

    [SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope

    Index marks on the scope tube and rings aid in level mounting of the scope

    The MeoSport rings include index markings to aid in scope mounting. A vertical line on the scope ring lines up with a line running along the bottom of the scope tube. This is not a foolproof method, but it should be pretty accurate. And it will absolutely be more accurate than just eyeballing it.

    [SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope

    The magnification ring features a small fin to ease manipulation

    Only one model of the MeoSport R is currently listed, but this is the first model of what will be an entire product line. Keep an eye out for them, coming soon.


    • Magnification: 3-15x
    • Focal Plane: Second
    • Illuminated: Yes
    • Reticle: 4C (duplex floating dot)
    • Turrets: 0.1 MRAD, Locking
    • Weight: 23.1 ounces
    • Length: 13.29 inches
    • Eye Relief: 3.94 inches
    • Light Transmission: 80%
    • Parallax: Adjustable, 10 yards to infinity

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