[SHOT 2022] The Umarex Primal 20 – A 20-Gauge Slug Airgun

    Today at SHOT 2022’s Industry Day at the Range, Umarex unveiled their brand new Primal 20. Airguns have been carving themselves a niche in the hunting market and Umarex is one of the big names in that area. Their newest offering is a 20-gauge slug firing airgun.

    [SHOT 2022] Umarex Primal 20

    The Umarex Primal 20 – A 20-Gauge Slug Airgun

    The Umarex Primal 20 has an onboard 4,000 PSI air tank, that pushes a 20-gauge 395-grain slug to 700fps at the muzzle. In other words, you’re getting a whopping 430 foot-pounds of force. That is more than enough to take deer or similar sized critters. The staff at the booth told me they had successfully hunted a Red Deer with the Primal 20, at a range of about 65 yards. It is fully ambidextrous, and the charging handle can be reversed by simply unscrewing it.

    [SHOT 2022] Umarex Primal 20

    The magazine holds two Gualandi “Borra-Proiettile” 20-gauge slugs. These slugs have a polymer “wad” that forms a seal in the barrel. Consequently, the slugs are able to achieve a much higher muzzle velocity than you would expect from an airgun.

    [SHOT 2022] Umarex Primal 20 – Gualandi “Borra-Proiettile”

    [SHOT 2022] Umarex Primal 20 Magazine

    The operator then uses a hand tool to depress the slugs further into the magazine. On the other hand, you could also push them in with a firm press from your thumb. After that, you slide the magazine into the airgun, and you are good to go.

    [SHOT 2022] Umarex Primal 20 – Note the hand tool pushing the slugs into the magazine

    The integrated air tank compresses to 4,000 PSI. However, that is only enough air for roughly four shots or two magazines. Once the onboard air tank runs empty, the user refills it with the Foster quick disconnect fitting at the top of the air chamber.

    Fast Facts:

    • Caliber: 20 Gauge
    • Capacity: Two Shot Magazine, Four Shot Air Tank
    • Choke: Invector Rifled Choke
    • Safety: Push Safety, Internal Drop Safety, Decocker
    • Muzzle Velocity: 395 Grain Slugs at 700 FPS
    • Air Chamber: On-Board Air Tank Pressurizes at 4,000 PSI
      • 24 Cubic Inch Air Tank
      • Fills via Foster Quick Fill Port
    • Fully Ambidextrous: Yes
    • Additional Features:
      • Sling Stub Compatible
      • Integrated Picatinny Rail
      • All-Weather Polymer Stock

    Umarex Product Description

    Big Bore Pre-Charged Pneumatics are the hottest trend in airguns and the Umarex Catalog of high performing big bore PCP air rifles has grown to include this new for 2022 offering, the Primal 20. The Primal 20 ulitizes a special 20 gauge slug that is fitted with a plastic “wad” that acts as the seal withing the barrel. Both the slug and the Invector choke installed in the barrel are rifled to insure excellent accuracy downrange. A 395 grain slug leaving the muzzle at 700 FPS will generate 430 ft-lbs of energy.

    The 2 -shot Primal 20 is equipped with a 24 cubic inch onboard air tank that pressurizes at 4,000 psi. Filling this tank is easy with the end mounted Foster Quick disconnect fitting. Fully ambidextrous, the Primal 20 is an absolute breeze to set up for shooters of either hand. In an industry first, the Primal 20 is offering shooters a true drop safety in addition to the push-through manual safety.

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