[SHOT 2022] New Releases From Winchester Ammunition

    [SHOT 2022] New Releases From Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester Ammunition had several new varieties available at Shot Show 2022 Industry Range Day. The USA Ready Defense 9mm +P 124-grain load was present in quantity. The HEX-VENT polymer insert aids in expansion by “channeling material flow” as it passes through the target. Winchester’s promotional materials advertise over 12″ of penetration and 95% weight retention. Several blocks of ballistic gel were on hand and seemed to back up those penetration claims.

    [SHOT 2022] New Releases From Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester USA Ready Defense 10mm

    A new 10mm, 170-grain USA Ready Defense load was also present in a pre-production form. Winchester staff mentioned that it was a full power 10mm load instead of a “.40 S&W Long” like many offerings in the market. I fired it in a Springfield Armory 1911, and it did feel like a real 10mm to me rather than the more anemic 10mm “FBI” pressures found in many offerings.

    [SHOT 2022] New Releases From Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester Silvertip 22 LR

    Winchester’s Silvertip defensive lineup has been expanded to include a .22 long rifle option. The 37-grain bullet has a hollow point design. Ballistic gel samples showed that the bullet sheds three smaller pieces within the first few inches, with the main body of the projectile continuing to create the main wound cavity.

    [SHOT 2022] New Releases From Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester Power Point 6.8 Western

    Winchester’s classic Power Point lineup now includes a 170-grain 6.8 Western option. Power Point has been available for many decades and seems to be poised for many more with the addition of newer calibers. The packaging also has a nice retro flair that reminds me of ammunition boxes found at grandpa’s house, but in a good nostalgia way.

    Product Specifications

    Silvertip .22 LR

    • Item Number: W22LRST
    • Bullet Weight: 37 grain
    • Bullet Type: Segmenting HP Plated
    • Velocity: 1000 fps
    • Energy: 82 ft-lbs
    • Box Size: 50 rounds

    USA Ready Defense 9mm +P

    • Item Number: RED9HP
    • Bullet Weight: 124 grain
    • Bullet Type: HEX-VENT Hollow Point
    • Velocity: 1200 fps
    • Energy: 396 Ft-lbs
    • Box Size: 20


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