SILENCER SATURDAY #211: Sunday SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    Welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM Turbo K rifle suppressor. Last week we kicked off our suppressor survey to ask everyone about their perspectives on NFA ownership. The survey is still live through 1/31/2022 (win prizes). Today (yes, I know it’s Sunday) we are going to look at a SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview. My apologies for missing the Saturday cutoff; the Wi-Fi on my flight went down somewhere over Kansas.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview

    There are rumors of a few new silencer models from the big manufacturers making an appearance at SHOT 2022. There are also rumors of some firearms manufacturers breaking in to the suppressor scene this year. We’ll be covering them all.

    It will be interesting to see who all makes it to the big show. I flew in with the guys from Energetic Armament last night. Dead Air is here. B&T has guns and silencers at range day as well as on the show floor. Unfortunately SilencerCo is not going to make it out to Las Vegas this year.

    I am going to try and hit every suppressor manufacturer this year and record as many podcasts as possible. What NFA/silencer content do you want to see at SHOT 2022? What do you want me to ask? Drop a comment or send me an email and let me know.

    Take the Silencer Saturday Survey. Win stuff (click here).

    Last week we kicked off a suppressor survey that we are going to use to drive Silencer Saturday’s editorials and reviews in 2022. Your feedback is appreciated. I’ll end contest submissions at midnight on January 28th and announce the prize winners. Over 500 of you have submitted responses. Thank you!

    Your survey answers so far…

    What do you think SUPPRESSOR manufacturers can do to improve their products?

    Standardize mounts

    I think we are getting there with the 1 3/8” x 24 pseudo-standard adapter threads.

    What do you think FIREARM manufacturers can do to improve their products for suppressor owners?

    Reduce the gas on ARs and offer gas adjustable systems

    This is a big deal and many of you suggested incorporating gas regulation on factory guns. We have suppressor ready pistols, we should have suppressor ready carbines and rifles. The Riflespeed adjustable gas blocks seem to the best up-and-coming aftermarket solution. Maybe there are OEM possibilities?

    What can TFB’s Silencer Saturday do better.

    Partner with Pew Science to provide actual suppression data.

    There were a lot of calls to work with Jay at Pew Science. Hopefully he’s at SHOT this week so I can get him on the podcast and make some plans.

    video reviews with a good mic setup compare them to similar vein cans and do shoots comparisons, subs vs supers in the same can etc

    A video and audio setup is coming this spring

    Feature more variety of suppressor manufacturers.

    Every manufacturer can contact me for a review of their suppressors. We don’t charge – all it costs is two shipping labels back and forth.

    Stop using the term “suppressor” — it’s a legally meaningless word that isn’t actually any less “scary” than “silencer” is. If you want to try to steer the dialogue, you should call them “mufflers”.

    I use silencer when talking about forms, applications and other legal processes. I interchange silencer and suppressor when talking about practical applications. I use muffler when I get tired of using silencer and suppressor (yes, I know it’s the other legal term).

    Provide more direct comparisons between similar suppressors.

    We’ll be doing more head-to-head comparisons this year.

    Give up on BS decibel numbers. No one gives an ETA based on peak highway speed.

    I think I get what you are saying and I somewhat agree. However, we need to figure out an alternative type of consumer evaluation metric first.

    You guys are awesome, it would be great to have a suppressor testing database. Also finish your form 1 suppressor series.

    After the ATF letter about the Diversified Machine parts, I have to tread lightly on instructional Form 1 articles. I don’t want to risk getting anyone in trouble.

    Manufacture interviews.


    I dunno, show some titties.

    No one wants that.

    Consume more pecan pie.

    Pecan pie is the best pie.

    Help pass legislation to remove suppressors off the NFA, or repeal the NFA completely.

    Consider joining the American Suppressor Association – they are spreading the word to everyone who will listen. We’ll keep turning out out Silencer Saturday.

    Thanks for reading.

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