[SHOT 2022] First Shots with the Savage 110PCS Bolt Action Pistol

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    First Shots with Savage’s New 110PCS

    Today at NSSF’s Industry Day at the Range, I got a chance to take a few shots with Savage’s new 110 PCS bolt action pistol. Savage is no stranger to having a bolt handle and ejection port on opposite sides, as some of their varmint and target rifles in the past have had ejection ports on the left and bolts on the right. The opposite configuration on this pistol makes for a quick handling compact firearm, with no need to take your firing hand off the grip to work the action. Using the Vortex Crossfire II scout scope, I was easily clanging targets downrange with this fun little gun.

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    The example I got to use was chambered in .300 Blackout, perhaps the most sensible current chambering  next to the .350 Legend for the 110PCS’ 10.5″ barrel . In my opinion, the 110PCS in .300Blk represents one of the best platforms on which to base a compact, accurate and lightweight rifle in this caliber. Be it with a stock or a brace, I’d choose the 110PCS as possibly the strongest combination of price to performance in the compact .300 Blackout bolt action niche. The barrel comes pre-threaded, and the back is railed to accept the brace or stock of your preference.

    Savage 110PCS Specs:

    MSRP $999.00

    Action: Bolt

    Ejection Port: Right

    Barrel Color: Black
    Barrel Finish: Matte
    Barrel Length (in)/(cm): 10.5 / 26.670
    Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
    Magazine Quantity: 1
    Magazine Capacity: 10
    Hand: Right
    Weight (lb): 5.625
    Calibers: .300Blk, .350 Legend, .223, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win
    Twist Rates of above Calibers: 1:8, 1:16, 1:9, 1:8, 1:10 (all 5R except for .350 legend which is 6R)

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    [SHOT 2022] Savage 110PCS

    At nearly $1000 MSRP, the price may seem steep.  However, when one factors in the MDT chassis, railed receiver, threaded barrel, and unique action configuration, one can begin to see the value of the package that Savage has put together.  I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed my trigger time with this fun little gun.

    Stay tuned to TFB, Alloutdoor and OutdoorHub for more coverage of SHOT 2022

    More to come from Savage Tomorrow!

    Stay tuned to TFB for more coverage of SHOT 2022!

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