Lithuanian Armed Forces Buy Meopta 1-4x LPVO Scopes For H&K G36s

    Meopta MeoForce DF 1-4x22

    According to an announcement by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the Lithuanian Armed Forces has ordered “optical devices” for their Heckler & Koch G36 rifles in a step to modernize their performance. The contract is worth around EUR 4 million and from the pictures, it looks like they have chosen the Meopta MedForce DF 1-4×22, made in the Czech Republic. There is no mention of the mount, but as you can see in the top picture, the mount is made by Spuhr. The riflescopes will be dedicated to the National Defence Volunteer Force that use the HK G36 rifles. 

    Meopta @ TFB:

    The benefit and performance of Low Power Variable Optics are great, and the Lithuanian Armed Forces join several other armies in this type of selection. However, I don’t think I have ever seen an LPVO riflescope on a G36 before, have you? The logic may be that a solution like this is much cheaper than the setup with an Aimpoint red dot with a 3x magnifier the professional army is using at the moment.

    The MeoForce DF 1-4×22 is ideally suited for close quarter to middle range scenarios, and you can find more information about it here:×22/

    Here you can read the announcement in full:

    The Lithuanian Armed Forces will have advanced optical equipment by the end of 2022

    “The modernization process at the Lithuanian Armed Forces focuses on an individual service member, and we aim to support successful completion of their tasks with proper and advanced equipment. The acquired optical sights is another step towards this goal,” says Vice Minister of National Defence Vilius Semeška, as the defence Materiel Agency under the Ministry of National Defence received the first shipment including 830 optical sights on the Christmas Eve.

    The nearly EUR 4 million worth contract was signed with Meopta Systems s.r.o., a Czech company, on procurement of 4 thousand optical sights, on March 17 this year. The manufacturer has committed to produced and deliver the remaining over 3 thousand devices by the end of 2022.

    The acquired optical devices will be dedicated to the National Defence Volunteer Force that uses G-36 rifles. 20 members of the National Defence Volunteer Force took part in a user and user-level maintenance course earlier in December in preparation to integrate the new purchase into the force.

    Vice Minister V. Semeška underscores that the effort to provide the Lithuanian Land Force with modern equipment that responds to its needs continues.

    Lithuanian Armed Forces Buy Meopta 1-4x LPVO Scopes For H&K G36s

    Photo by Meopta

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    What do you think about the choice of optic for the HK G36?

    Source: Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania. Photo credits: MoD archive.

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