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Doug E
by Doug E

The Model P-10 was CZ’s answer to the striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol market, and currently includes around nine different variations spread across four different letter designations. Other models include the C, S, and M designations, while the full-size CZ P-10 F features a longer grip to accommodate added magazine capacity, and no one in the competition market should balk at the extra half-inch of barrel length and sight radius of the CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready model. Due to the name “Competition-Ready” CZ didn’t want to stop there, so let’s take a look at what this model has to offer.

CZ Firearms @ TFB:

three magazines from the factory


The CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready pistol stands out against the previous iterations of the “F” designation in numerous ways aside from the aforementioned barrel length of 5 inches, which is unique to this model. Another easily noticeable feature is the gold-colored finish on the barrel, trigger, rear slide plate and magazine floor plates. This color makes it a bit more flashy than I care for, but given the intended purpose of a ready-made race gun, well, racing stripes might not add horsepower, but it looks fast. On that note, a couple of my co-workers really liked the feel and features of the CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready pistol, and both stated that they would like it as a duty pistol over our Glocks.

SKU 95180
MSRP$ 1,009.00
Chambering 9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity 19+1
Frame Fiber-reinforced polymer
Trigger MechStriker
Sights Fiber Optic Front
Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Length 5″
Width 1.26 in
Weight 30 oz
Overall Length 8.5 in
Safety Firing Pin Block Safety, Trigger Safety
Loaded chamber indicator.

The ability to mount optics is always a plus, though at the time of my review, I didn’t have an optic to throw on the P-10 F so this review focuses more on the pistol itself. I should also point out that I haven’t had good access to competitions, but I’ve had some fun with friendly competitions over the years.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review

The HB Industries trigger offers a flat, 3/8 inch wide surface once the integrated trigger safety is depressed. There’s only about an eighth of an inch of take-up before you’re on the sear, which takes around 5 to 6 pounds to break (according to my luggage scale) and the reset is just a hair over a quarter inch. The ambidextrous slide stop from Apex was a nice addition, as is the ability to swap the magazine release to give southpaws another option to help the pistol work with them, rather than working against it. The CZ P-10 F also includes three sizes of backstraps for a bit more personalization, and each size is faintly labeled (S, M, or L) to distinguish them. The backstrap retaining pin fits pretty tight.

Small backstrap
Medium backstrap
Large backstrap

One negative thing I noticed was that it looked like the trigger was dragging on the trigger guard and had gouged a couple lines in it from doing so. Performance-wise, I couldn’t tell if it was an ongoing issue, or if the worn spots were already clear of the trigger. Either way, it seems like an easy fix with some fine sandpaper on the trigger guard, but seeing as how I only had the gun on loan, I didn’t feel as though I should do it myself.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review

TRIGGER TIME with the CZ p-10 f competition-ready

The CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready was extremely reliable and didn’t have any malfunctions during my time with it. My friend and I noticed that it shot a bit low and left for both of us, but I decided to change out the back straps before messing with the sights. I have medium-sized hands and generally prefer skinnier pistol grips when it’s an option, but the larger backstrap centered my group just right.

The slide cycled smoothly and recoil was easily managed for quick followup shots. As always, I like to test accuracy at longer distances, and, while I was able to make hits at 100, 80, and 40 yards, there was a bit more gap between the front sight blade and the rear sight notch than I was used to. Thus, it was a bit difficult to get consistent hits at distance, but I should note that this was before I swapped the backstraps.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review

The drop-free-ness (that’s a word right?) of the magazines really caught my attention. The springiness of the magazine popping from the magazine catch is quite positive regardless of the angle the pistol is in when the mag release is activated. The finish on the magazine itself is slick and has no problem sliding out freely from the magwell, no ripping required, which makes perfect sense for any serious modern pistol, but especially so for a competition gun.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review

The P-10 F Competition-Ready’s grip is aggressive, which didn’t actually bother me until the weather turned cold, then I started to feel it a bit more, but not enough to stop shooting.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review
CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review

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The CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready pistol was a joy to shoot, even though I’m not in the competitive community. I like that CZ included parts designed from three aftermarket companies, all of which added utility, durability, and some added flair, although the flair isn’t a selling point to me personally. The factory 19 round magazines, and the fact that they include three of them, and that they really drop free are all great factors to consider for anyone looking for a competition or full-sized self-defense gun, as well as the ability to mount an optic and a weapon-mounted light. You can view CZ’s P-10 F Competition-Ready page HERE for more information.

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready Review
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What do you think about the Competition-Ready version of CZ’s P-10 F? If you’ve already been putting rounds downrange with one, how has your experience been?

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Doug E

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  • Dead Sirius Dead Sirius on Jan 14, 2022

    I'll buy every variation of the CZ 75, but this makes me yawn. CZs should be made of metal, and have a hammer.

    • Ben Ben on Jan 15, 2022

      @Dead Sirius I tend to agree. It’s almost like they put effort into making it hideous.

  • Gorakraganor Gorakraganor on Jan 19, 2022

    With USPSA's switch to a 59 ounce weight limit, literally nobody is competing with a plastic gun anymore.

    What the hell is the point of this thing?

    • Strunberg Strunberg on Jan 21, 2022

      @gorakraganor Someone may want to carry their target pistol.