POTD: B&T – Any Colour You Like

    POTD: B&T - Any Colour You Like

    Photo Of The Day: “Any Colour You Like” is one of the tracks on the English band Pink Floyd’s album from 1973, “The Dark Side of the Moon”. It’s also a perfect description for this set of images taken by Jeremy Tremp from the Offensive Marketing Group.

    The B&T firearms from Switzerland hold a special place in my heart. I have two of their APC9s, and some of their hush-hush suppressors, and unless where I live had such retarded legislation (read: too many suppressors are bad) it would most likely be a few more. Preferably it should be “Any suppressor you like“, and the year 2022 actually looks promising in that aspect.

    This is the APC223/556 where APC stands for Advanced Police Carbine. You can find more information about the rifle here.

    Way back in 2013 TFB were the first to tell the world about this firearm: Exclusive: B&T APC223 Prototype .223 Rifle.

    POTD: B&T - Any Colour You Like

    Back to The Motherland – Switzerland

    For more, check the B&T APC223/556 with a Vortex UH1.

    B&T USA can be found here: https://bt-usa.com/

    Photo Source: The photos are taken by Jeremy Tremp of Offensive Marketing Group and used with permission.