NEW For 2022: Federal Upland Steel Shotshells Using Paper Wads

    Upland Steel Shotshells

    Using steel shot on birds and small game has so many benefits. Steel is denser than lead, meaning the same size pattern can house more pellets. Another benefit to steel is that it’s cleaner. Using steel shot keeps levels of lead pollution lower, keeping our shooting spots clean. With this in mind, Federal Premium is releasing their popular Upland Steel shotshells, now using paper wads to reduce the amount of plastic left on the ground.

    Federal Premium news @ TFB:

    Put more birds on the ground—and less plastic. Federal® Upland Steel uses the new Paper Wad, cellulose-based filler and a paper gas-sealing over-powder wad to produce effective patterns while significantly reducing the amount of plastic left in the field. Its high velocity makes the most of the 1-ounce steel payload.

    Upland Steel Shotshells Now Using A Paper Wad

    Force X2 Shorty

    These 2 3/4″ shells are carrying one whole ounce of steel. The 7.5 shot is mixed with Federal’s cellulose-based filler, keeping the shot pattern consistent. These high-velocity shells hurl metal toward your target at 1,330 feet per second. They use an over-powder paper wad to produce effective and predictable patterns. Federal is also using paper wads to reduce the amount of plastic left on the ground after a day of shooting. Each box contains 25 Upland Steel shotshells.


    • Gauge: 12
    • Shell length: 2 3/4″
    • Shot size: 7.5
    • Payload: 1 oz
    • Shells per box: 25
    • MSRP: $19.99

    Upland Steel Shotshells

    If you enjoy the benefits of steel shot, you can head over to Federal Premium’s website for more information. If you’d like more content from Federal, be sure to like, follow, and subscribe to their social media pages. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Go get you some dinner!

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