CCI Adds Lead-Free Option to Blazer Brass Line Of 9mm Ammo


    Lead-based ammunition has been showing its age over the past few years. Shooters have been looking for alternatives to lead to keep from ingesting it, and because of the superior performance gained by using other materials. I think we collectively realized that the risks involved with lead aren’t worth continuing along the same path. New for 2022, CCI Blazer has introduced a lead-free option for 9mm shooters. Introducing Blazer Brass Lead-Free Clean-Fire.

    CCI Blazer news @ TFB:

    Hit the range and leave without a trace. New Blazer® Brass Lead-Free Clean-Fire® provides consistent, accurate performance on targets without leaving any lead behind on the range itself or in the air. It uses the lead-free Clean-Fire primer and flat-nose, lead-free projectiles that are as safe and accurate as traditional FMJ bullets—through all guns and against all targets.

    Blazer Brass 9mm Lead-Free Clean-Fire

    Lead-Free Clean-Fire

    Blazer Brass Lead-Free Clean-Fire is designed to reduce your exposure to lead in the air while shooting. Lead also finds its way onto our targets. The projectiles have a flat nose, are 100% lead-free, and are safe to use in all of your 9mm firearms. The Clean-Fire primers are also absent of any lead. These should be as accurate as traditional full metal jacket ammunition. While they can help outdoors, these would be perfect for shooters who do most of their shooting indoors.


    • Caliber: 9×19
    • Bullet weight: 100 grains
    • Origin: U.S.A.
    • Rounds per box: 50
    • MSRP: $27.99

    Lead-Free Clean-Fire

    The best place to learn about this new option would be the CCI website. If you want to see more content from CCI and Blazer, make sure you follow them on social media. CCI can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Keep yourselves healthy!

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