POTD: Concamoed Soldiers with HK433 and HK G27P

    HK433 and G27P SBR

    Sometimes a single photo is enough for our Photo Of The Day. Today is such a day. Concamo produces some really effective camouflage patterns and their images follow the same high standards.┬áMost people think there’s just a dog in the picture above. But we have the brand new Heckler & Koch HK433 and a short-barreled Heckler & Koch HK417, most likely a G27P. Note that the HK417 has some really interesting optics, probably a thermal clip-on.

    I’ve been using and trying out the actual Concamo camouflage pattern pictured during the summer, and it’s surprisingly effective. My assumption was that pictures like the one today were staged (obviously they are but in another sense) to make the best out of the product.

    However I let a friend wear the outfit and placed him in places no one would really hide, and still, it was quite difficult to spot him even at short distances. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there will be a review, but I want to check how it works with Thermal and Infrared first and I’d like to go hunting with them more.

    Some of the products we will be reviewing can be found here: https://www.ghost-hood.com

    Until then, please check https://concamo.com/