POTD: Storm Barra – Welsh Guards with Heckler & Koch SA80 A3

    storm barra

    Photo Of The Day: Last year this blog pumped out one POTD per day, with a few exceptions for public holidays. We intend to continue doing so in 2022, and as you most likely discovered, we already got started. Today we have pictures of Welsh Guards. For more information about the Welsh Guards and their upgraded firearms please check this story Welsh Guards Armoury Upgrade – Heckler & Koch SA80 A3. There are also excellent reference pictures of the SA80 A2 / L85A2 with ELCAN SpecterOS here.

    Storm Barra
    Did you ever take part in a team-building event like this? How was it?
    Potential Commanders brave Storm Barra.
    A few weeks ago on Longmoor Training area potential JNCOs carried out a week of training in arduous weather.
    Taking that first step towards progress and promotion can be difficult but incredibly rewarding.
    Do you remember your first promotion course?
    Cymru Am Byth
    The yellow “thing” is for indicating and shooting blank rounds.
    The weather looks excellent, as usual.

    Photo Source and Caption: Welsh Guards on Facebook.