Federal Grows Gold Medal Berger Line To Include 6.5 PRC

    Gold Medal Berger

    Driven by the love of PRS competition, long-range calibers have continued to advance. Federal Premium has been providing shooters with the ammunition they need, combining quality parts with well-engineered projectiles. One of the most recent additions to the long-range game, the 6.5 PRC, has been added to Federal Premium’s Gold Medal Berger line of competition rifle ammunition.

    Federal Premium news @ TFB:

    We’ve expanded our trusted Federal Premium® Gold Medal® rifle ammunition line with a new 140-grain 6.5 PRC load. The fast, flat-shooting cartridge has already proven itself in Precision Rifle Series competition, and has earned the respect of elite long-range shooters. The new round is loaded with the extremely accurate Berger® Hybrid bullet, and paired with Gold Medal match primers, Federal® brass and specially formulated propellant.

    Federal Expands Gold Medal Berger Line With 6.5 PRC

    Force X2 Shorty

    The Gold Medal line covers a span of calibers. Up to this point, they included 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .224 Valkyrie, 300 Norma Mag, .223 Remington, 6.5 Grendel, and .300 Win Mag. This line of rifle ammunition is built to perform for precision shooting. The new 6.5 PRC cartridge is topped with a 140 grain Berger Hybrid bullet. Federal’s brass cases hold the specially formulated propellant. For consistent ignition, Federal uses Gold Medal match primers. The caliber maintains a very high ballistic coefficient.


    • Caliber: 6.5 PRC
    • Bullet weight: 140 grains
    • Rounds per box: 20
    • MSRP: $79.99

    Gold Medal Berger

    If you want to read more about these or the other calibers in the Gold Medal Berger line, head over to the Federal Premium website. For more photo and video content from the ammunition giant, be sure to follow Federal on their social media pages. They can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep your DOPE dialed in!

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