POTD: Derya Arms – Drum Magazines

    Derya Arms - Drum Magazines

    Photo Of The Day: The Derya MK-12 semi-automatic shotgun from Turkey has become increasingly popular in sports and target shooting. They now just released a new drum magazine which is worth sharing some pictures of. While forbidden in some competitions like IPSC Shotgun (max 10+1 rounds and no drum magazines), they can provide a lot of fun at the range anyways.

    You can find a direct link to the MK-12 IPSC IP-600 Shotgun here: https://deryaarms.com/en/tum-urunlerimiz/mk-12-ipsc

    The MK12. The UNATTAINABLE LEGEND under the magazine fed shotguns. Diverse, unique, devilishly good and noticeably different. Now the MK12 is available with different BARELL LENGHTS. Still the BEST mag fed shotgun on the market, now with even more DIVERSITY. Barrel lengths down to 22cm.

    The capacity of the drum magazine is 19 rounds.

    No target can stand against our MK-12 with the new drum magazine.
    We invite you to experience this unique feeling.

    What is your preference in terms of shotguns? Do you prefer a side-by-side, over/under, manual action or semi-auto? Tube or box or drum fed? There are a lot of options to choose from.

    I haven’t shot my Open Shotgun for a while, but I’m quite tempted in doing so.

    Photo & caption source: Derya Arms’ Twitter