POTD: Down Range Photography

    POTD: Down Range Photography

    Photo Of The Day: There’s a lot of talent (and firearms) behind the wonderful stream of images produced by Down Range Photography. Above you can see a New Year’s shot of a few of his blasters, certainly a bit out of the ordinary from what you’ll find in a gun shop. The State of Arizona at its best?

    Below you can see a rifle from HERA Arms (USA) and LAN World, which is the official online retailer of authentic HERA Arms products in the USA.

    POTD: Down Range Photography

    Below you can see the Nemo Arms Battle-Light rifle in .224 Valkyrie with an Accu-Tac bipod. The riflescope is from Crimson Trace. Initially, there were a lot of talks about the .224 Valkyrie. I love the name but haven’t seen a lot of rifles chambered in it, and only a few in competitions.

    POTD: Down Range Photography

    All images by: Down Range Photography. You can also find his Instagram feed here.

    Which picture and firearm did you like best?