Freshly Updated Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder Live Now!

    Freshly Updated Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder Live Now!

    Visualizing how your gear will look and function is essential especially when you’re spending hundreds of dollars. Gadsden Dynamics has just released an updated version of their Chest Rig Builder which is a unique way for you to get a real-time look at both the appearance and the price of your chest rig while you’re shopping. The Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig builder allows you to select everything from the camouflage pattern, magazine, and admin pouches all in a simple browser-based solution.

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    Freshly Updated Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder Live Now!

    Welcome to the Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder!

    If you’ve been wanting to design your own chest rig to fit your exact needs, you have come to the right place.

    Whether you are in the military or law enforcement or just a prepared civilian, everyone has different gear preferences and needs. Our standard chest rigs are designed to fit basic loadout requirements, but many find that they want something more specific.

    This is why we decided to bring the Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder to you. We wanted the experience to be as basic and easy to use as possible. Instead of stepping through wizards and dropdown menus, you simply drag and drop the items you want on your chest rig, select colors, and we make it for you. It’s that easy

    New additions to the Chest Rig Builder include all of the latest accessory options, and the ability to now pay for your chest rig directly through the Gadsden Dynamics website instead of receiving a separate invoice. The builder accommodates the addition of multiple accessories and will notify you if a selected admin or magazine pouch won’t fit on the rig. In addition, any camouflage patterns you’ve selected for individual accessories will also be displayed. For more information, you can check out the builder at

    Freshly Updated Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder Live Now!


    All mag pouches are made from mil-spec, Berry Compliant 4″ elastic which provides excellent mag retention and a low profile.

    A hook panel backing allows the rig to be fitted to a loop velcro equipped plate carrier. A loop cover panel is provided when using the chest rig by itself. We offer an Elastic Tourniquet Holder (not included) that can be attached to the hook backing.

    Vertical webbing loops allows slotted buckles (INCLUDED) to be installed to hook into plate carriers with integrated female swift clip buckles. Side webbing loops can be fitted with removable slotted female buckles (NOT included) to connect to our H-Harness OR a plate carrier fitted with side attachment buckles. Check “Add Standard Chest Rig Harness” to include an H-harness and all necessary hardware with your chest rig!

    NOTE: Custom designed chest rigs are non-refundable, so PLEASE make extra sure you have designed exactly what you want us to build for you.


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