POTD: Norwegian Snipers’ Targets Beyond 2200 Yards – Barrett MRAD

    Norwegian Snipers Targets Beyond 2200 Yards - Barrett MRAD

    Photo Of The Day and what a nice place to be! The Norwegian Armed Forces ordered the Barrett MRAD already in 2013, so you can call them early adopters for sure. For the United States Army Precision Sniper Rifle contracts, Barrett have now made over a thousand MRAD Mk22s. Here we can see Norwegian snipers as they engage targets beyond 2000 meters, while they have instructors observing them. The pictures are from July 2018 during the ISTC Desert Sniper Course and the location was Chinchilla Training Area in Spain. I bet mirage from the heat was an issue.

    A Norwegian sniper team engages a target while camouflaged in July, 2018 during the ISTC Desert Sniper Course at Chinchilla Training Area, Spain. The two-week course is designed to teach trained sniper teams skills to operate in a desert environment.

    Here you can see some more Norwegian MRADs: International Sniper Competition at Camp Adazi – Barrett MRAD.

    Photo Source: U.S. Army, photo by 1st Lt. Benjamin Haulenbeek