Chisel Machining Aluminum Skeletonized Marlin Stock

    I am not much of a lever gun enthusiast but when I saw Mad Pig Custom’s suppressed SBR many years ago I got a Taylor & Co. Alaskan takedown. Well, Steve over at Mad Pig Customs just clued me into a relative newcomer to the lever gun market. Chisel Machining has come out with an aluminum skeletonized Marlin stock for the venerable 1895.

    Marlin Leverguns @ TFB:

    skeletonized Marlin stock

    There are not many aftermarket options for the Marlin lever gun especially if you want to modernize your lever gun. There have been some hits and some duds. The Midwest Industries handguards have been a huge success and what Mad Pig Customs has done with Marlins is nothing short of magical. However, there do not seem to be many options to upgrade the back end of Marlin lever guns. The Marlin Dark series is just a wood stock painted black.

    The Chisel Machining aluminum skeletonized Marlin stock is for the Marlin 1895. It is machined from a solid billet of aluminum.

    CNC’d 6061solid billet aluminum stock for the Marlin Lever Gun series of rifles. This stock features an adjustable height cheek piece, as well as an adjustable height butt-pad.

    Fittment: This stock is a drop-in replacement for 1970+ PISTOL GRIP Marlin 1895’s, 1884’s, and 336’s. Pre 1970 rifles MAY require some minor gunsmithing. Contact Steve at if you have a pre-1970 Marlin Lever Gun. We do not know if it is a direct fit for the new Ruger version of the Marlin series of rifles. This stock will NOT FIT a “straight stock” version. PISTOL GRIP ONLY.

    The skeletonized Marlin stock features an ambidextrous cheek rest. Just unbolt it and flip it around to the other side.

    There is a QD socket near the bottom and rear of the skeletonized Marlin stock.

    You also might have noticed there are holes drilled and tapped running along the center bar through the skeletonized Marlin stock. This is for attaching Chisel Machining’s Hoptic Longbow quiver. Somewhat like the PRS spare round holders, you can outfit your skeletonized Marlin stock with more rounds.

    Chisel Machining currently has their skeletonized Marlin stocks available for purchase on their website. They retail for $375. Their Hoptic Longow quiver is a 6 round shell carrier and is an additional $60 however it has a dual function. While it can mount to the stock, it can also mount directly to M-LOK and includes the hardware to do that. So if you prefer to have your spare ammo on your Midwest Industries handguard, you can. According to Chisel Machining’s website, they are working on an aluminum stock for Henry lever actions as well as an aluminum forend for Henry and Marlin. I hope they would consider making some accessories for the Taylor & Co Alaskan Takedown in .44mag. Hint Hint Wink Wink. LOL. Given Ruger’s revitalization of Marlin and the emerging renaissance of the lever action, 2022 looks to be an exciting time.

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