TFB B-Side Podcast: Swedish Gun Law & Culture with Hagge Bänke

    TFB B-Side Podcast - Swedish Gun Law & Culture with Hagge Bänke

    Sweden is a lot more than meets the eye. While some of you may think of Ikea and their famous meatballs upon first hearing the country’s name, others think of names like Carl Gustaf, VO Vapen, and Husqvarna to name a few. While Sweden has seen its fair share of firearms pass through and out of its borders, many still wonder what exactly goes on in the small firearms community that Sweden does have. Today I’ve brought on guest Hagge Bänke who is a massive firearms enthusiast. Hagge owns and collects all sorts of firearms in his home country of Sweden including all types of bolt-actions, MP5 submachine guns, and even a couple of soviet weapons he’s gotten his hands on throughout the years. Hagge is also the owner and operator of his own gun club and also happens to be somewhat of an expert on Swedish firearms law since he has had to go toe to toe with various authorities within Sweden to get some of his licenses. Like any good Scandinavian, Hagge believes “the gun is good” as per his god’s wishes.

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    TFB B-Side Podcast - Swedish Gun Law & Culture with Hagge Bänke

    Photos via Hagge Bänke’s Instagram

    TFB B-Side Podcast – Swedish Gun Law & Culture with Hagge Bänke

    Today on the TFB B-Side Podcast we have our gest Hagge Bänke from the country of Sweden. A dedicated servant of the patron god of firearms Zardoz, Hagge loves all types of shooting and even runs his own shooting club which has seen and continues to see steady growth throughout the years. Although Sweden shares many of its gun laws and culture with other Scandinavian countries, there are a few intricacies and finer points that Hagge will go over with me in this podcast as he shares his knowledge and stories with me about the various hoops and hurdles he has had to jump through and over as a gun owner in Sweden.

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